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Indoor seeds outdoor grow


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i ordered some seeds. they sent 2 free bb ( big bud ) didn't have a clue. i planted outdoor found out later they are for indoor. will this make a difference or should i dig and put indoor. ( about a week ago ) any and all info helps thxs

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I don't know that strain but, here is what I found it at AMS:

Big Bud marijuana seeds Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989.
A must for the grower with high ambitious intentions.
The yield is legendary, producing massive buds with very few leaves.
The smoke is smooth and the high is very strong.
Will produce more than any other marijuana plant in the same space.
Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds.

Quantity : 10 seeds
Type : Indica - sativa mix
Climate : indoor / outdoor
Yield : 600 gr/m2
Height : 40 - 55 cm
Flowering period : 9 weeks
Harvest : end of october
Stoned or High : Stoney yet high allround
THC level : medium 8% - 15%
Grow Difficulty : Easy

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the indoor outdoor part is just a recommendation, it does better doing what it says, but you can do what you will with it, seeds will grow just as long there is air, water, and light!

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