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Indoor Soil Grow Well Into Flowering


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I have three lovely ladies well into flowering. One of them has had severe signs of distress since it started but still it's got buds with plenty of trichomes and pistils. One of the others is almost ready, a few more weeks but it's begun to show signs of distress too. White spots on the leaves and this was after I gave it a big drink of a very weak Fox Farm nute mix. And by weak I mean I used only 1/2 of the recommended amount shown on this forum. The other lady is looking mighty fine and starting to fill in very good with pistils. But even now it's showing signs of Nitrogen deficiency. At this stage of it's flowering that's kind of understandable but I'm getting worried about her. She has at least 1 more month before she's ready, maybe 3 weeks but I'd rather let her go until she looks like what I need.

All the advice I get is don't give her any more N at this stage. I've been using Fox Farm Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom and ChaChing. The stems on the upper leaves are turning dark purple/red color. Looks nice but then again it can only be attributed to some kind of deficiency or lock out. I gave her a big drink of spring water ph'ed Down to 6.5 this last weekend. She looks great but I really would hate to screw it up now.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.

I'd include some photos but I seem to be being blocked. The photos were uploaded but at the bottom of this screen it says I may not post attachments. Wonder what happened to this setting. Last time I did a grow journal I was able to post photos.
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