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Industrial Hemp Is Not Marijuana


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Thank you for reporting on the controversial so-called "marijuana initiatives" recently approved by Hailey voters. In future articles, please note that industrial hemp is not marijuana. Yes, they are both members of the cannabis family but hemp plants contain very little, if any, of the psychoactive agent THC. The controversy surrounding marijuana reform is a completely separate discussion from issues regarding the growing of industrial hemp and I hope your upcoming stories will more clearly express this important distinction.

The beneficial uses of hemp are numerous and throughout history hemp has been regarded as one of the world's most useful crops. In George Washington's time, most U.S. farmers were required by law to grow hemp because it had so many beneficial uses, including fabric for clothing, paper products, ropes, lotions and soil improvement. In addition, hemp is drought resistant and it's seeds, which are prized for their high Omega 3 oil content, are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

In 1939. the U.S. Congress, pressured by influential timber, cotton and petrochemical lobbies, made growing hemp illegal. Today the United States is one of a few countries in the world where hemp growing is outlawed. I encourage Hailey city officials to prioritize the implementation of the "industrial hemp initiative" and I look forward to the day where at least in Hailey, Idaho, growing hemp will not be a crime.

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yes but, one fact not above mentioned, most people who confuse industrial hemp and marijuana, don't see much of this. we need to work hard to get this information out there. i wonder if 420mag could try to maybe put together a commercial. short and simple, that explains there is a difference between the two. maybe throw in some examples why and how hemp could save us. you know stuff like that.


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Well I had the opportunity to school my mother on this very issue today...lol.

I've been wearing a hemp necklace that a dear friend gave me. I'm also suffering with bad back pain. Mom asked me how my back was feeling and I told her I was in a world of hurt. She says "Well honey, don't smoke your necklace...."

:51: Peace


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sounds like some quality family time possible bonding
around dad passing on family gardening skills

gosh what a great family values commercial [ goth, punk, etc daughter; chunky balding geekish dad ]]
"quote" since pots been regulated and liscensed countys
built three new schools property taxes went down and my daughter's talked to me more than she has for ten years

the city treasurer still want to refund our property taxes from the first year of liscense fees [ city council still wants to keeep that bonus 10 million] far as i'm concerned the great democratic experiment worked
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