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Industrial Hemp Seeds Not Germinating

My associate ordered a large bag of Industrial Hemp seeds.
I have made 3 attempts to germinate some seeds and none germinated.
Could my friend have by accident ordered "STERILIZED" seeds by mistake?
I guess if so, I will use them up by putting them in my food.
Any ideas on this would be appreciated. thanks
I asked my associate who ordered them to contact the seller.s
I've tried a few methods and nothing worked.
a. Dozen in a bowel of water
b. Dozen in a moist paper towel
c. Dozen on the ground
d. Dozen in my Aquaponic grow tray
e. Dozen in individual grow cubes.


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Order better beans bro. I found a seed in some cbd bud and grew it. Idk what the daddy was but it came outta a strain called lifter. This is the first cbd nug I have smoked. It’s.... ok. Like bud lite.
Update on the one Hemp Seed that Germinated out of 150.
The plant grew very nice, and ended up about 10' tall. Just harvested it and got about 3 oz's from it.
Going to put it in my machine and make a strong CBD Tincture with them.
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