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Infin8Loop's First Time Grow Times Two


5 week update.

Still going well. Everyone seems to have survived the transplant process.

Nothing exciting to report, 2 x daily feedings of the coco seem to be required now that they are in the 10 gallon pots and the weather is warming up.







Thanks, I'm happy with how they are doing. Although this one:


Has me a little worried. By my math, I'm at the beginning of week 5, and here in the sunny Willamette valley, my outdoor grow is going to want to flip around July.

4 more weeks. My concern is height. She is just over 2 feet right now. I'm new at this, and I'm sure it'll eventually slow down, but, 4 more weeks before flip may be 2 more feet? They are hybrids, so somewhere between 50 and 100% more growth during flower....

I'm not going to have to deal with an 8 foot tall plant am I?

The two GG4 strains had a nice spiderweb shape that has lent itself to some easy lst. But with the Blue Magoo I don't see an easy way to train them to avoid the height. If its even an issue.

Opinions are welcome.


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I have no idea but a buddy of mine grew a 6 foot Durban Poison (sativa) here in northern BC in a green house! Gotta love a good sun grow!


Still growing strong! I am getting more convinced I am going to be flipping them sooner than I actually have to here in oregon. I could wait another 6 to 8 weeks, but I'm not sure that that is going to be ideal. They will be pretty damn big by then, and I realize that would make for a better yield, but at some point it seems like some diminishing returns?

This girl is over 3 feet tall and about that wide right now:


The other Blue Magoo (in soil) wasn't as tall or bushy, but was doing well, until... someone... fell on it...


And the GG4 are just brushing out nicely still.


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