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Info to help pass a drug test, for THC


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The active ingredient THC (delta-9-tetrahydracannibinol) is what they are testing for. In order to clean oneself out, one must understand how THC is metabolized in the body. THC is alcohol and fat soluble, meaning in order to use it/ metabolize out of your body it must be used as bound energy to a fat cell or alcohol. For THC to be in your body continously with alcohol is just sad, so I will not address this aspect. I know not if alcohol drinking can accelerate the metabolization itself, though I highly recommend you do not try it. Especially for a drug test.

Now onto the fat cells. Yes exercising is a great way to get blood flow in your body and speed up the metabolic processes in order to clean out the body's fat cells. Sweating is a great way to expel toxins, also urinating. Drinking upwards of 2 + gallons of water a day for 3-4 days(maybe one more day for females as they tend to have higher body fat percentages then males) along with what I'm about to recommend should have you in great shape by then. Niacin. Yes niacin, many people may try convert you from it, tell you its a myth. But just take a look here at what it does, I've tested this theory on myself and many others have tried it. *side note* you cannot use marijuana when trying to clean yourself out and also one should not smoke cigarrettes as they have potential to distract the focus of the niacin* Niacin supports a healthy blood lipid profile, and I'm sure many can tell you that when you exceed your body weight in milligrams of niacin (ex. I weigh 185lbs, so if I ingested 190mg+) one will begin to experience a flushing sensation, become very warm, the skin organ will swell and become red, and blotchy in areas(nothing disproportional). Normal overdose reaction. What you are feeling is the incineration of toxins from your fat cells into the blood stream. Aid this with an intense amount of water and it will be removed from your system in days. Begin with the megawatering of yourself a day before you begin the niacin, to allow free flow of toxins to be expelled. Less water means less traffic for waste as your body can store it to use the water for more important processes. Alkaline fruit juice, cranberry, pomegranate, acai, mango, will also aid the the removal of toxins, which tend to be acidic. I'm sure everyone is familiar with ph.
I'm sure I've left out some details, so when your question arises, do ask. There's so much to know about it. This is just the basics for cleaning the body.

So we've come to 3 things:

#1. Drink 16 8oz, glasses of water a day at least.
#2. Megadose niacin once every 6 hours 50-100 mg over your bodyweight. (if you haven't tried niacin before [vitamin B3], test it in small amounts to get a feel for it)
#3. High antioxidant fruit/vegetable juice - - Alkaline only- - orange juice, apple juice and grape juice are way too acidic.

**If you eat less heavy/solid foods during this time it will speed up detoxification process.


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I've never seen where niacin helps and it is possible to kill your liver and kidneys with too much niacin.
Here's my method.

Exercise as much as you can.
Eat a high fiber diet with metamucil.
Stop exercising 3 days before UA.
Change to a fat diet last 2 days.
Morning of UA:
Drink 48 ounces of gatorade
Pee 3 or 4 times.
Use your midstream urine for the UA.

Always a good idea to pickup some cheap thc test strips off ebay to test yourself to see how you're doing. I pay about $1.25 each.


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Niacin is potentially harmful at 3g/day, the most I was suggesting was around 1g.


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