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Hello fellow experts:

I'm a new member to this forum after reading hours and hours of post on the drug test section. Like many others have said the site is extremely informative in providing many different methods on passing a drug test for THC. Because of the abundant amount of information I am having trouble deciding which method would best fit my situation. That being said, I figured it would be best to post a thread and read the feedback you guys would give me. My situation is below.

I am approximatley 5'8, 185lbs, haven't been exercising, not the healthiest of eater, and was a heavy smoker (approx a 1/4 a week). I quit smoking on the 4th of April because of a recent job offer. I haven't been notified of when my drug test will be, but with the dates that I gave for appropriate start times I can imagine that I can put it off until early to mid May. Being that I quit on the 4th, and probably will have been for about a month by the time I test I was wondering what would be the most effective way other than staying clean from smoking or drinking water and eating healthy to pass the test. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I have read through this entire site almost and am familiar with almost every method there is. I can say that while in the military, I smoked occasionaly sometimes a couple days before a test, and I only drank tons of water the day of the test and passed everytime simply because they didn't care about clear piss. I know this will not work, and I also have no clue on how strict the center will be when I piss. Any advice/help/information would be much appreciated. Thanks alot guys!

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Do you know for sure that they piss test and not swab the mouth? Get synthetic piss or a kids piss out of a potty. Most important thing is that its at your body's temp when u submit it. I used a friend's piss b4 and had no issues. Beware that some places listen at the door so you at least really have to take a piss. My 2 cents. :peace:
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