Infrequent Government Lab Test Passed


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Hi, first of all sorry if theres mistake in spelling or grammar cos english isnt my first language. I am 25, 48-49kg, 154cm. Im writing here just to help those who had similar situation like i sis. I live in a country where if u get caught using drugs, ure going to be sent to the rehab centre and lost ur job and ur name will be blacklisted from working with the govt again.

I passed my lab drug test which are blood and urine test. The first time i smoked was in november 5, 2016 took 5-6 hits from good quality one and then the last time i smoked was around 28-29th January 2017 (5-6 hits) as well. I received a letter from the govmt on 4th mac 2017 saying that i got a raised but i need to send my medical result asap. Did my test on the 7th (35 days since the last time) In my country they didnt use "if u passed that certain cutoff limit then ull pass" once they found traces of drugs ull get fired and charged of using drugs and sent to the rehab centre. Here they use gcms that kind of thing. I assumed since im an infrequent user those thc and all the traces didnt stay longer in my body system. I receivd a call today saying that i passed my medical drug test and fitness. I wish all the best for u guys.
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