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Infused oil 85% extraction: WT?


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Well, it's been a while since i've been on here, so first hey everyone!

Second, what the hey!? I noticed people are mentioning an 85% extraction rate for infused oil and 100% for alcohol wash.. based on what please???

I know i've mentioned before that the volatile part of the oil actually evaporates.. so i did a small experiment and just boiled 100ml of olive oil for a few hours.. have a look at the after photo. Do the same experiment if you like and post.

Yes, a small amount of oil will be trapped in the weed, but yes that is also true for alcohol wash i'm sure. You certainly do not lose 15% of the oil by it being trapped in the weed.

Anywhoo, that's that! :p:Namaste:



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You boiled 100ml and ended up with 450?


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The extraction process that i use is via water bath in a pressure cooker. This was done boiling olive oil in water to simulate an extraction. You can see the top layer of liquid in the pic, that is the oil, and there is less than 100ml of it.. which somehow logically should show that some of it actually evaporated...


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You certainly do not lose 15% of the oil by it being trapped in the weed.
Well at least this should be true in my case where i use hot water straining at the end to squeeze all the oil out. Might not be so true if not using water bath method and instead straight oil extraction, in which case when straining at the end without hot water, more oil will be left in the weed material...


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Most of my experimentation with extracts is written up on the Holy Tincture thread in my sig.

I tried single, double and triple extractions on the same weed with ethanol.

Did a bit of reading before hand and found this paper useful.

(PDF) Cannabis oil: Chemical evaluation of an upcoming cannabis- based medicine

The "standard" method i use now works pretty well for me. With a double ethanol extraction, on decarbed weed, and an assumed extraction efficiency at 75% i reckon i am getting around 90% overall. Not worth the effort to do a third extraction.
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