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I pretty much stay with Indica-weighted hybrids.

My last combo was a 'Hybrid 50/50' and an 'Indica/Sativa'. Although I don't know what the difference might be.

The labels also consist of a list of 'ingredients'. For example: 'Calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, sulfate of potash, potassium sulfate, potassium phosphate, muriate of potash, iron chelate, boric acid, iron sulfate magnesium sulphate, copper chelate, zinc chelate, zinc sulphate, molybidic acid.'

This is AFAIK, NOT available on the web, but only on the label on the bottle, when it is in one's hand. And customers at this (and most other) dispensaries receive staple-closed bags. So one doesn't see the label until at least in their vehicle, if not off-site.

I need some 'splainin', please.

Are these 'ingredients' fed through the soil when the plant grew? Are they something the plant was treated with via spray, sprinkle , or whatever? Are they typical 'byproducts' of this type of vegetation?

There is 'chemistry' in every herb. There has to be a different chemical combination broccoli and beans.

Are these simple the chemicals that make up cannabis plants?

TIA for any input.


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Are these 'ingredients' fed through the soil when the plant grew?
Yes, that's what they are- those are common plant food/fertilizer ingredients.
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