Innie & Outie Grow Summer 2021


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OUTSIDE: (c)=clone, (s)=seed, (rv)=reveg
Moby Dick - Dr Seeds(c)
Lemonchello Haze - SMan(c)
Dr SMan CBD - SMan(c)
Amnesia Lemon Kush - Garden of Green(s,rv)
American Pie - Pyramid Seeds
Sugar Breath - HSO
Mango Sapphire - HSO
Black D.O.G. - HSO


Sorry a bit late on the outdoor gal update, but new puppy an all. so like last year most are in a 21G garbage can or greater garden bed with an almost 50/50 mixture of Pro-Mix All Purpose and Pro-Mix HP. The clones are from my previous tent grow and flowered on me before I got a chance to get them into some proper lighting. So my MD and LH took off with great growth/stretch and the Dr is just finally starting to stretch with new growth. Everyone else is from seed, but for my reveg attempt at my tent grow of Amnesia Lemon Kush, but started one from seed just in case. They have been out since mid May, but had a spider mite issue from starting in my sisters tent. Sprayed to get rid with soap and water mixture, but someone replaced regular soap with 20x concentrate stuff. So I almost killed all my plants from seed but 3 of 4 survived. Just been a bitch to get a new Sugar Breath going but it’s been outside for 2 weeks now and growing. Although something keeps eating the leaves of my plants and I think it might have earwigs to blame for that, and they have been rampant this season, along with flies. Although my LST training got going this past week and going good so far, as in I haven’t broken a limb yet.

Malawi - Ace Seeds
Lennon - Pyramid Seeds
Crystal Candy fast - Delicious Seeds
Green Poison fast - Delicious Seeds
Cream Caramel - Delicious Seeds
MK Ultra x Bubblegum - T.H. Seeds
Crystal METH - Dr. Underground
Sour Diesel - BlimBurn


So the plan right now is that all 8 are starting in my tent, but plan to get my sisters 5x5 tent cleaned/setup soon. Plan is to get my Malawi and Lennon pots moved there, in hopes of growing a few monster plants. Don’t plan to Quadline train or top anything this time, but will try LST and SCROG everyone in both tents. All are using a 7G fabric pot with the same mixture as the outdoor pots 70(HP)/30(AP) I wanna thank Delicious Seeds who were kind enough to send me the above seeds to do a grow journal for on grow diaries for them. Everything else is for fun and a lot more psychoactive shit is what i hope I get. Really looking forward to trying Malawi and Crystal METH, and hope they deliver as promised the most. I just wish Malawi and Lennon were shorter on flowering time and will probably start flowering them sooner and on a 11/13 light schedule to help speed that up a bit. This should be a fun ride


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Oh I guess I haven’t introduced the new guy, which we have named Fozzy Bear. We got ourselves a 2nd Golden Retriever to keep our 9.5yr old English Golden Retriever company and moving. So far he is pretty good with the kid but gets annoyed with him too. Can be seen outside play wrestling for 10-15 minutes about 2-4 times a day. We have had him for 2 weeks and by the end of his first week he could reach my older dogs 14” water dish riser without propping up his paws on his stand. Now we are learning about getting on the couch and the wonderful items around it, like say (a moment ago) chewing on the tv remote. Plus that Puppy Breath (is it a strain yet, because it will knock you out, better make it an Indica if not done yet) Anyways he is my newest outdoor garden helper in the family, along with his big brother Buddy



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So we are like Day 49 outside and roughly Day 6 in the tent, since my tent girls pretty much all popped. I lost my 1st seed of Sour Diesel and my 2nd seems like the first which worries me. Seems like it can crack the shell but doesn’t get any further than that, but hopefully she sprouts tomorrow. Should also hopefully have my sister’s tent cleared/cleaned out and move Lennon and Malawi over. Everyone outside seems to really be stretching/growing this week with the final couple weeks before flowering hits Southern Ontario. Pruning more of my monster clones and limbs are looking a little thicker and growing upwards once again. Also rotated my plants in the garbage cans every 4-7 days for hopefully a move even plant. Stupid grasshoppers and earwigs still being spotted and being flick/killed off when I can. Some limbs are getting a little low and have to keep and eye on both the dogs now. The older one snacks on the fan leaves all the time when flowering comes around. He has never had a bad reaction to THC and don’t even wanna see the pup get near it. So some pics to share



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So we are on roughly Day 50 outside and Day 36 for Sugar Breath. So last week I started to feed them Mega Crop once a week. Sadly while LST‘ing my Mango Sapphire I snapped the top off yesterday, and I don’t think my tape job is going to save it. Thankfully it wasn’t a big piece but still sad too see it happen. I think I gotta stop my training and just let them grow from here on out as it’s what 2 weeks left before flowering. With some limbs taking off a little. I go in and prune away the first node that develops, and shows a good response 2 days later. So I shall update the outdoor before I post my indoor stuff



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So we are at roughly Day 15/8 on Sour Diesel. I almost thought I was going to lose this SD seed again, as I needed to help her out of her shell. When I did help her out with some tweezers, I kinda nipped a little bit of her. Thankfully it seems like she is on the road to recovery and will start (hopefully) showing some more vigorous growth soon. Everyone else is really growing nicely and was able to start some light LST work on all but SD. I also purchased a new SpiderFarmer 6” Exhaust system for my sisters tent I will soon be taking over For the Malawi and Lennon plant soon. Also went ahead and made my next seed purchase, even though I have tons I have yet to try. So I got myself some 5 packs of feminized Golden Tiger, Golden Tiger x Panama and Killer A5 Haze from Ace Seeds. All I hope to start with my next tent grow come Nov/Dec hopefully. Until then, here are my latest tent picks. . . with a cute bonus pick. :5:



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Fozzy bear is fozzy , your plants outside are doing so well , do you think they will finish before the snow? You started 8 little ones inside wich are you most excited about? And why? Here is my dog her name is pierogi

Love the pooch. :love:I think the 2 strains inside I’m looking forward too the most are Crystal METH and Malawi. I‘m really looking forward to having a psychedelic head rush high after years of looking for sleep aid with the Indica/Indica leaning hybrids. Main reason why I made that recent seed order, because I think that’s the experience I need now. Outside I think early to mid October is when they will finish, and who knows with the weather anymore. I could have snow or hot and humid weather now, but it’s the rain I worry about the most. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and/or I run into no issues with the plants themselves.


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Ok so we’re at the end of week 3 or Day 21/14 now here in the tent. I had purchased some seaweed/fish shit liquids from Amazon and gave a sip to everyone once this week. They seem to like this, well, shit! Watering every 2nd day as my dehumidifier seems to be sucking them dry, but my plants I think are looking great. I’m still trying to LST my plants a bit before I bring down my netting. I also got hired for a job yesterday at one of the nearby cannabis stores, which is amazing for my mental health right now. Previous job could be local stores one day and the next day I‘m heading 1hr plus into downtown Toronto. So the other tent, still not done but MONDAY I swear it will be cleaned and setup. Can’t wait for the move and get my training really going. Also I fucked up and it’s Sweet Seeds and not Delicious Seeds for my above strains.



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Now as far my outside grow is going, it’s looking like flowering is upon us. We are on roughly Day 56/42 on Sugar Breath because of the various problems at the start. Mango Sapphire had a couple of surprises in for me by showing white flowering pistil growth just a 2 days ago. My biggest surprise was that I lied about removing the taped up limb I snapped off cleanly and did a super shitty job trying taping it back onto the plant. Well the son-of-a-bitch lived . . . .no, not the new assistant manager you’ll see below, but the limb is stiff and fucking flowering too. My clones are really showing some great limb growth from some extensive LST and I think they all might be starting their flowering stretch now. So keep stretching girls, I believe in you all. Plus I gotta say the first plant below (Sugar Breath) has been amazing training wise and she just stretches from there. Just gotta see last weeks to this weeks pic to see how well she’s done.



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Always like outdoor :cheer:

im starting to love my outdoor grows too. Love seeing some plants start flowering earlier then others, which Mango Sapphire is doing. Plus I love to see how well my tomato cage training works out for me. After last years bountiful harvest even with wpm issues, which pretty much cost me in losing my Rainbow Kush. She was looking oh so promising until the issue hit. This year has been the summer of bugs in my area from flies, mosquitoes, earwigs and grasshoppers. I have never seen so many holes eaten out by these bugs before and really hit my family’s veggie garden, especially our tomato plants. Thankfully they have been a lot gentler on the “Jamaican“ tomato plants :D Plus this is when some limbs start to drop a little lower and my dog Buddy likes to nibble on my fan leaves. Which also means that the new guy will be playing Monkey See Monkey Do and joinin on the festivities. He’s come close to jumping into the short bed being used on Black D.O.G. Keep trying to tell him, it’s not that kind of dog ;)


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Innie update Day 25 it’s finally fucking done. I finally got the tent clean, exhaust & SCROG net too. So Lennon and Malawi were moved over and now sit under my HLG 550W QB and I miss the added blue I have with my Budget LED board. They‘re all taking their LST well and limbs are growing upwards. Will probably lower my netting down when they roughly a foot tall and start to really spread them out training wise. Same for everyone else in the other tent, but I’m still debating how long I should veg for. With both of them having such a long flowering time and Malawi‘s enormous 3x4 times their stretch in flowering. Yet I have the room with just the 2 of them in there but just the one light to use. Decisions decisions decisions












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Outie Day 60 and oh yeah, Mango Sapphire is a flowering and stacking nicely surprisingly already. American Pie, Moby Dick and both my Amnesia Lemon Kush are just starting to show some white pistils today. Everyone else is starting to really stretch though and I really see it in my Sugar Breath, Dr SMan CBD and my Lemonchello Haze in the past 2 days has really stretch upwards and is starting to show a more even canopy growth too. Tend to think by the end of this week all will be showing signs of flowering with the stretch they’ve put on. I guess we’ll see if I’m right with next weeks update












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Ok. I’m on roughly Day 69 *snicker**snicker* on my outdoor girls and all seem to of started their flowering cycles. Sugar Breath isn’t showing pistils like everyone else but had a good stretch this week. Mango is fattening up nicely and almost seems 2 weeks ahead of everyone else. Black D.O.G. has been the realmsurprise this week in stretching a good 6-7 in the past 5 days. My leaves on my Dr S are real crinkled and noticed that no air holes were drilled into my pail and would explain why she never seems to be thirsty like everyone else. Been real hot, humid and rainy this week and I hope I don’t get my dreaded WPM issue like last year. So here are my latest pics to share.











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So as far as my indoor grow goes. We are on DAY 34/27 and just recently applied some more LST and defoliated some fan leaves to get some inner nodes some more light for growing. Some look better then others but I’m hoping now for upward growth and down will come my netting for more spreading/training. Malawi has just reached the height of that tents netting I set earlier. so now I await the bottom growth nodes to reach for the light/netting and spread baby, spread. So I’m thinking I’ll take everyone to 9 or 10 weeks of veg before I flip to flowering mode. Unless my growth slows down and will be willing to a little longer to fill the tents out. So here are today’s pics to share










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Day 82/68 Outie Update so my wpm issue was starting to increase on my Mango Sapphire, Amnesia Lemon Kush rv, and Sugar Breath. So I did a 1 to 3 mixture of water and milk, and sprits them all down early this morning. In just a few hours, my plants were already looking cleaner and healthier looking. Plus Mango and the good Doctor are getting fat fast, while everyone is just showing real early growth. Been a bit since my last update, and it has been nothing but hot and humid with no rain. So I have fed everyone some mega crop and a tiny bit of bud explosion as well, and had a nice response the following day. Guess I will have to try and water them the nutrients more often as we get into the later flowering stage, but Mango is FROSTY even this early in flowering. Anyways new pics to share with a pretty good overall view from yesterday, minus Black D.O.G. who missed the cut.












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Day 47/40 Innie Update again it’s been a bit since I updated, but the SCROG netting has come down in both tents and are both starting the fill up pretty nicely. Was running into some leaf issues and turns out that I was in need of some extra cal/mag for my Cream Caramel, Crystal Candy and Malawi. I have even read that Malawi could take a tiny bit of PK booster in veg, and so a bit of Bud Explosion was added for its watering. Growth seemed to pick up a bit and again the plants health was looking much better too. So I’m hoping in maybe 2 weeks time I will have both tent nets filled up and can flip everyone over to flowering. So group tent shots from yesterday and individuals from today












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Ok is has been a bit but here is my Outie Update for Day 93/79 WPM is still being a pain in the ass for me and my Mango Sapphire and will be spraying her with a milk/water solution tomorrow morning. Also will treat my American Pie and Sugar Breath for the same thing, not as bad MS, but wanna keep it nipped. She sure is getting frosty and fattening up the past few days as well. Dr. SMan is also getting thick like Mango, along with Sugar Breath, American Pie and Amnesia Lemon Kush. Black D.O.G., Lemonchello and Moby seem to be lagging in the bud development. Hopefully I will see them thicken in the coming weeks, as cooler non muggy nights have replaced the extremely hot weather we saw the prior 2 weeks. So with that I give you today’s pics along with my little helper Fozzie Bear who just turned 4 months old












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Now for a Innie Update Day 58/51 and I decided it was best to flip my Malawi/Lennon tent to flowering mode on Sunday. If what they say is true, it could grow 4x its size and I think I will just have enough room with the flip. Now I just gotta get my temps down as they are in the low 90’s right now, no exhaust on because it drops my rh% into the low 30’s and only drops a few degrees inside the tent. Might take some of the extra exhaust ducting and hookup some up to my old bulky exhaust and either suck/pump in some air. The other tent will be flipped on to flowering this Sunday. My netting should be full by then, plus I wanna clean her inners and lollipop everyone and maybe grab a few clones of my Crystal METH plant for a neighbour. They sure are thirsty and my basement dehumidifier might be a factor too, but they are being watering every 2 days but the growth has been great because of it. So I give you today’s pics










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