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Innocent old lady was locked up in a jail cell for hours


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it was a terrible experience! this happened 2 days ago and i am now dizzy and disoriented. my age is 73. i don't use marijuana but my hubby and one friend who lives with us, are both on medical marijuana, another guy who also lives with us, is not involved. one guy here grows the plants for my hubby and himself. my hubby is not well enough to grow.
we had, according to police, 163 plants. the reality is that most were tiny baby plants, while about 3 dozen of them were about to be harvested.
the helicopters circled around here the other day, and 2 days ago the cops came, handcuffed the other 3 guys and made me sit outside while 6 cops searched the house and garden. i was feeling ill and reluctently one cop allowed me to get some rollaids.
when the search was over they drove us to the police station. there they locked us in separate cells for hours. i was given a blanket beause the place is very cold airconditioned. i soon realized that i have claustrophobia. (backflashes came to me from WW2 where the gestapo had us hiding and they took away our jewish friends that we never saw again. i got nightmares from the sound of the helicpters and bombs dropping.)
i had never been arrested before. they stripped me of my 2 little necklaces and gave me nothing to comfort me. i got panicky nuts in that cell, and shivered despite of the blanket i had over me. i cried out for my hubby.
then they interviewed us separately and made us sign statements. this latter thing is the only part that i agree with. fingerprinting ok too. but they could have had me wait in an office where a comfortable chair is, instead of locking me in that tiny cell. i have never been arrested and i am co-operating with the cops, so do our guys as well. i told them i got irritable bowel syndrom and even though i didn't have an episode there (extreme colic cramps and diarrhea), my rapid heart bead was scary and i thought i might die in that cell.

they let us go late that evening.
if you have a medical permit form your state, don't count on it being respected. my hubby and the other friend here both have erious illnesses and are in constant pain.
the governemnt in their legalistic and uncompassionate way, have just taken away the medication wich keeps my hubby alive. and i am here, still shivering and taking tranquilizers now. i will hesitate to go out of the house and face the neighbors. my dignity and reputation is destroyed, and the way i feel now, so is my health.

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that is horrible vaping. I feel for you, and wish you the best. No one will be safe until it is legalized across the country. Wishing you and your hubby the best. :Goodluck:
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