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INO Advice for Passing Urine Screening


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Hello and thanks in advance!

New here posting but often read through the threads and thought if anyone had good advice, it would be here. :)

I have a drug screen in less than 4 days for a part-time job. I am a chronic smoker for the last year or so to find relief from digestive/gastritis issues and have been more or less a couch potato after work b/c of it. I weigh in the 300 range and at 5'7", am considered obese, not good when THC is stored in fat. :( Anyway, the last time I smoked was last night (but medicinally may need to tonight and tomorrow). I would prefer to detox as naturally and inexpensively as possible. I've read to drink copious amounts of water days before, B-12 and B-6 for color the day of the screening and to eat fatty foods, as if that one will be hard. Ha. Because this is medicinal for me, I really need to wait until Friday to start the detox:

The timeline: Friday - Monday, screening @3:30PM

Friday - Drink water, 5 liters?
Saturday - Drink water
Sunday - Drink water
Monday - Drink water

Please advise what else to do to detox. Thanks again.



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You won't have time to detox. It will take you probably 2 months to be clean enough to pass a piss test. I would recommend picking up some synthetic urine and practice a little keeping the temp in range. This will also allow you to keep taking your medication.


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Advice on synthetic urine purchases?
I use QuickFix myself but there's lots of them out there. I prefer the liquid kind, some are powders that you add to water. I buy mine at a local smoke shop for $18.
All these supposed detox kits do not work for anyone that is a heavy or moderate smoker. They might work for a light smoker by dilluting the urine enough to make the thc levels below the cutoff levels, but they are still no where near 100% successful. Synthetic urine is 100% successful if the directions are followed.


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We offer 2 varieties of synthetics: Incognito Belt & the Sub-Solution.

If you have any other questions or questions about synthetics, please call our customer service dept Monday Thru Thursday at 1.866.900.5656.

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