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Instant Pot Cannabis Oil: A SweetSue Picture Tutorial


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Excellent! :high-five: Feels good, doesn’t it, to help our loved ones find relief that’d been unattainable?
very happy with the result.
actually i've been impressed with both of my parents embrace of medical cannabis use. they are both on a maintenance dose of cbd canna pills as well.
one of the main goals for growing was it had to be beneficial to more than myself

She’d convinced me almost a year ago to switch to oils instead of creams for topical relief. Eliminating everything else gets the cannabinoids into the body faster.
can only agree. i was looking at the oils i had made and thought to myself, the hell with it idiot, just go right to the source.

i then looked for what other readily available essential oils would also pair for the targeted end result. adding them adds both benefit, and masks any weedy odor.

You’ve shared with her the value of applying oils to the DMR?
i've no clue what the abbreviation means

With arthritis it’s been shown that the mere action of applying any cream or topical will release a certain amount of soothing chemical cascades through the system. Adding cannabinoids can only increase the benefits, IMHO.
well, shooting for arthritis relief is a pretty tall order i figger. i'm hopeful, but won't get dispirited if it's not as huge a success as the pain oil.

i've instructed them to try both oils as a trial on arthritic areas

i also got a few of those roller applicators, but am thinking a small open ended vial might work best. the spill-proof feature of the roller ball is why i went that route.

i'm finding i just dip my finger in the real deal and apply where ever needed lol

Making me proud bluter. :5::5::5:
awww, i am blushing :love::love::3:


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Thank you Doob. :5:

I’ve been using mine since Doob introduced me to them bluter.

They allow for spot applications and come with child-proof bottles that aren't senior proof. :laugh2:



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I’m sure some flavoring would improve the taste, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that our kitchen oils wouldn’t match commercial tastes. Commercial labs have finer control of extractions, measurement, and processing for consistency.

You have nothing to lose by trying. I don’t know of any recipes, but then I haven’t looked either.

Anyone else know of any?
Hi Sue et al...

Just joined this site after running across the refrigerator drying method, setting up my own blind experiment to test washed vs. unwashed buds, fridge dried vs. rack dried buds, and wet trimmed vs. dry trimmed buds (just started initial tests on those eight samples), but anecdotal evidence from buds I threw in paper bags in the fridge (never even made it to jars) and seemed superior to rack dried and jar cured buds....but I digress.

Sue you have been an inspiration. Thank you.

Based on information I gathered here (I have been reading and absorbing information like crazy, so I cannot remember who I stole the idea from ...) they add essential oils at the rate of 1 drop per 10 mL carrier oil. I have personally used (and enjoyed) peppermint oil (do not use for pregnant patients), lemongrass, and sweet orange. Also suggested was lavender for evening meds. The terpenes in these essential oils are also found in cannabis and can be used to (reportedly?) magnify the effect.

(One quick question, Sue... do you still use fresh harvested cannabis in your instapot infusions, or do you find more/equal value in dried buds at this point?)
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