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Intake to Exhaust newbie questions


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OK so i'm making a closet into a simi-stealth grow cab. Top is for veg bottom is for flower as it is a bigger space. IT's an open closet on the front. My plan was to seal the inside with white plastic to insure air tight, then take a sheet of plywood and cut to fit snuggley into the open whole on the front.

here are some very crude pics that i drew.. i'm a visual person so i have to draw it out

this is the closet. veg up top and flower on the bottom

you'll see here is my idea to fill the front open hole. you'll see on the bottom left hand corners i have a hole there.
that is where i want to put the intake vents.. now the question is how big do i need to make those vents? also to make them light proof i was going to connect a PVC elbow spray painted black to ensure no light thru.

now this was my idea for a exhaust that is dumped into a 5 gallon ona bucket. i was going to get a inline fan either 6" or 8" per your recommendations.
6"= 240 cfm
8"= 440 cfm
My total grow space, veg and flower is only 33 cubic feet.

Also i'm going to be vegging and flowing with only CFL's as of right now.. so i dont' think heat will be an issue.

So i guess my question here is, if i go with the 6" inline fan how big do i need my passive air intakes to be?
i hope my rude crude child-like drawings helped alittle?? Any info to make this easier let me know..


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Re: Intake to Exhaust newbie questions..

Those CFLs will add up heat because there are so many of them trust me on that. For such a large space I would def go hps or if money is no concern led.
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