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Interested in trying new nutrients, help me out!


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Hey guys. I'm looking into switching nutrients now that I've changed my lighting to LED. Right now during flowering I'm only running FloraNova from General Hydroponics and I have Atami Blossom Builder for the final weeks of flowering.

I think I am leaning more towards organic. I was checking out the bio-bizz line and the earth-juice line. I was looking at the sensi-bloom line but that was pretty expensive and non-organic? Anyways, just some suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!


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I would highly recommend the full line of Atami bcuzz bio NRG, if you use bloombastic or the blossom builder you don't even need to use the bloomC, I have experimented with a few other lines but bcuzz blows them away, and produces the tastiest nugs.


Creme de la Creme Photos: Feb 2017
yeah, i've looked into fox farms but I think I'm going to go organic. anyone try the earth-juice line or the bio-bizz line?

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I've used biobizz before for several grows which produced good results :thumb:

Even tho i've used the entire range pretty much...

I switched the grow to fish mix for veg growth & continued to use through flowering along with bloom.

Well worth getting a micro nutrient solution also !

Ye bio heaven is a tad expensive the cheaper solution is alg-a-mic its a cold pressed seaweed nutrient contains trace value micro nutrients but doesn't have the humic/fulvic acids in like the bio heaven does.

Top max is optional i've not noticed much of a difference using it or not ?

But i have recently changed to Hesi nutrients.

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the bio heaven is indeed pretty expensive. i really like the sound of their lineup though!

Ye i'm pretty sure if you look around it is possible to get your hands on biobizz starter pack to see if you get on with it...

Its a 5 bottle box kit - grow, bloom, heaven, top max & root juice smaller bottles tho but should be alright for a grow or 2 of a few plants..

Their soil/compost is pretty alright in my books also & very PH stable i still use it now :thumb:


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I use Earth-Juice Leaf/Flower/Grand Finale, and tbh, I love it, especially the Leaf in early veg, you can pack on so much mass in three weeks veg time, that I am pulling 60gs dry from photo plants in just 3.5 litre pots :Namaste:


Creme de la Creme Photos: Feb 2017
hey everyone, thanks for posting. organic tea would be awesome, don't really have the space and time to do all that unfortunately. earth juice seems nice. i'm having a hard time deciding between going all out and getting the Advanced nutrient flowering line or just getting the full line of biobizz/earthjuice
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