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interesting issue....


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i grow 2 female they in flowring week 5 12/12 in freestyle hydroponic set :allgood: .
i notice thet to little be smaler then the last grow i men thet the height and the thickness smaler.but it look good and good flowring and all the little stamen .the height is 30 centimeter the last grow was 120 .
i know thet is jast the middle of the process but whay like thet?:hmmmm:
i jast switch them to a big galon from alittle and i see thet the root sistem is overburdened ther. and now they have mor space what do you think guys?:hmmmm:
it looks like big and good bushy bud.with couple intersection and height.
:metal: :rock: :55: :tommy: :31:


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which kind did you do last time?
maybe they just grew faster.. once they get that far into making buds i dont think they increase thier size very much more.

doenst sound like you have much to worry about if they are healthy looking.


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super silver haze should be much taller than northern lights.

but unless im mistaken its also more picky about having perfect growing conditions. if anything is a little bit wrong it might stall and become stunted i suppose.... i wouldnt worry about the size as long as its doin good now heh.
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