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International Medical Marijuana Laws - Panama


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I am planning a move to Panama this summer, but the only thing holding me back is concerning the legalization of Medical Marijuana in May, 2015. After many weeks of researching on-line, I am unable to get any answers on how Medical Marijuana is received, and what kinds of products they have available. I have numerous diagnoses, which all are made MUCH easier to live with using my MM. Particularly where my Chronic Lymphomic Leukemia is concerned. I have been able to maintain my remission status for 6 years using Concentrate Oils, which are 2:1 THC/CBD. I recently had a disturbance in being able to find the oils for over a month, and during that time, I had a HUGE lump on my neck, and my white blood cell count was above normal. I was finally referred to another dispensary, which is owned by a doctor...he gives 50% off his products to all his cancer clients, so this was a real break for me. After THREE days, the lump on my neck was completely gone, and I expect that my WBC count is back within normal ranges, as has been the case anytime my counts rise. If I cannot access this in Panama, I won't be able to move, which will be a HUGE loss to me. If anyone knows the current status of MM in Panama, I would truly appreciate any information you can provide. My plans ALL hinge on this information, so the sooner I can get information, the better. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. :Namaste:


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Hmm... I cannot post a link here, but I just did a web search (for: panama medical cannabis) and immediately found a page that includes this:
On social media, an image on the alleged enactment of Law 14 of May 19, 2016 is circulating, which regulates the activities and use of controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes and in which allegedly the use of medicinal marijuana is approved in Panama.
Immediately the Ministry of Health (MoH), issued a statement clarifying that Law 14 does not include approval of, nor legalizes marijuana, or coca for medicinal use.

In the statement, the MoH, clarified that the document refers to substances such as narcotics, sleeping pills, and painkillers. He also explained that Act 14 dates since 1954 and now in 2016 an amendment was made, but that does not change the requirements stated above; also they added that their main objective in Panama is the regulation and updating of approved drugs such as opioids to control insomnia, with...
I would, therefore, take any mention of cannabis being legal for medicinal use in Panama... with a grain of salt. At least unless/until you can secure a written statement to the contrary from (someone high up in) the Ministry of Health, Panama.
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