International No Mercy Weed Cup in Holland - December 13, 2008


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December 13th 2008 we are celebrating the first No Mercy Supply International Weed Cup Sponsored by 420 Magazine in the Volkskrant Building in Amsterdam. Thirteen awards will be handed out: three for indoor, three for outdoor, one overall cup, three awards for Europe's best cannabis journalists and three for the most cannabis friendly companies in Europe. Attention: contestants must make sure to enter their contribution before November 18th. For details participants are required to get in touch with
For advance booking of tickets please mail to

The jury consists of the following people: Lange Frans (rapper-activist), Giel Beelen (radio 3FM dj-activist), Mila Jansen (mama hasj/Ice-O-Lator/pollinator), Jan Sennema (reporter of Highlife), Wernard Bruining (cannabis activist and chairman of GroenVrij Internet Party), Ronald Glas (laboratory freak), Jackie Woerlee (medical activist), Evert (activist and creator of De Verdamper/Vaporizer), Yolanda Bruining (activist and co-founder of GroenVrij Internet Party), Simon Vinkenoog (author/poet and cannabis activist).
Entries are not just tested through smelling, tasting and smoking by the jury members, they are also subjected to a laboratory test.
Entries containing pesticides will be taken out of competition immediately. Decisions made by the organisation are final.

During the party visitors can enjoy a live music programme including a session by The Vaporizers, a special act brought together for the occasion under the guidance of 'multi finger man' Michiel Rasker, and a performance by famous Dutch rapper Lange Frans. In between and after the live acts DJ/Host Sieger M. Geertsma will make sure the joint will be rocking.
Additionally two speakers are scheduled: Jackie Woerlee (medical activist), Wernard Bruining (chairman of GroenVrij Internet Party).
Four vaporizers will be available to allow visitors the experience of tobacco free 'smoking'. Of course there will be plenty of place for those of you who still like to smoke the old fashioned joint.
Dining is possible in the amazingly pleasant restaurant on the 7th floor while enjoying a breathtaking view of Amsterdam.

Doors will open on Saturday December 13th at 16:00 hr. Registered security staff will check for hard drugs and/or arms.
Entrance fee for visitors is €15. Participants and their partner or one friend are exempted from paying entrance fee.

Information on registration and details concerning entering contributions are available through or phone number 00 31 (0)6 1088 0714.

No Mercy Supply International Weedcup
December 13th 2008
Doors open: 16:00 hr


Wibautstraat 150
1091GR Amsterdam

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Website: No Mercy Supply
Forum: No Mercy Supply

Wibautstraat is easily reached by subway lines 51, 53, 54 departing from Central Station and Amstel Station, and by line 54 also from Station Duivendrecht. Get out at Subway Station Wibautstraat.
By car: Ringweg Zuid/A10: exit S111

No Mercy Supply
Just stay cool, high and take time to fly!

Greenest Regards,
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You know, just my opinion, is that there should be some awards based on politics - ie., like Tommy Chong for valor against repression, or videos or books which are either political or educational.
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