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InTheShed Does A Vulx Comparison Grow


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Greetings all! @Vulx has recently become a sponsor here:

And they were offering samples to some of those who asked.

Here are their claims:
  • Reduce water requirements by 50%
  • Provide 40-50% nutrient savings
  • Increase yield by 10-40% (10-20% is readily attainable, 40% is usually achieved by dedicated, experienced cultivators)
There are also secondary benefits as well:
  • Buffer soil pH
  • Loosen soil structure
  • Increase soil buffer capacity
  • Increase mycelium production in living fungal soils
Since I had two ILGM AK-47 clones the exact same size, I thought I would run them side by side (even though I have no room!), one with Vulx and one without.

Let's take a look at the plants I'm using:

They were cut in January, rooted in water (AK-47s will do that), and put in solo cups on March 9, 2019. They were growing on an 80º heat mat under a 23w 6500K CFL up until about two weeks ago, when I hardened them off to live outside.

To make this as fair a comparison as I could, I did not add additional mykos to the ProMix beyond what is already blended in, and I started with equal amounts of soil. Funny thing...a 1 gallon nursery pot holds exactly 420 grams of soil!

Vulx says to use 5% of the weight of the medium, so one pot got 21 grams of Vulx powder blended in:

Both got transplanted:

Now here is part I found the hardest: Vulx says their product will "reduce water requirements by 50%." And this admonition: "IMPORTANT: It is essential to decrease water and fertilizer usage by about 50% after adding the product into soil. You will almost certainly kill your plants by overwatering them! "

Trying to be true to their instructions, I watered the standard plant to runoff, as I would with most transplants. I gave it 32 ounces of water and immediately got 6 ounces of runoff. That would mean I should water the Vulx plant with (32-6)/2, or 12 ounces of water. That seemed like very little, so I went with 16 ounces. No runoff (as expected) but also no water near the bottom holes of the pot. That mean't that not all the roots got watered.

So what I did was weigh the standard plant and watered the Vulx plant so they weighed the same. No runoff, but the bottom holes looked like they were dark. I guess going forward I will see if the Vulx plant needs water less often or what. Maybe that 50% savings isn't for 1 gallon pots!

Now let's talk about the 50% reduction in nutes. I am watering the standard plant with 4g/gallon, which is the starting veg number from MegaCrop. The Vulx plant gets 4g/gallon diluted to 50% with water, or 2g/gallon. As the plants get bigger and the grams/gallon increase, the 50% dilution will remain constant.

I will be updating this journal on an irregular basis, only as things change. I wanted to make sure that this comparison grow didn't get buried in my regular journal, which tends to run pretty quickly.

Lastly, a little bit about me:
I grow outside during the day, and indoors at night for the plants in veg, so my plants are usually run 24/0 or 18/6 to save electricity. Flowering plants get flipped by putting them in darkness for 12 hours/day. I grow in ProMix HP, I don't pH my nute-water, and I have been using MegaCrop lately and have had success with it.

Thanks for reading, and let's try to keep this one completely on topic.


Amy Gardner

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Great stuff Shed! It’s quite a fascinating product and it’s going to be great to track your results :thumb:



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Here's an update:

Both pots were feeling a bit light, so I weighed them. Remember they both started off at almost identical weights after transplant and watering:

Vulx pot was 815 grams:

No Vulx pot was 842 grams:

Could mean:
a) the Vulx soil is evaporating the moisture more quickly (contradictory to the claims of better water retention)
b) the Vulx soil roots are taking up moisture more quickly because of more vigorous growth (they claim 40% bigger plants in the end).

Either way, they're both going to need water tomorrow!


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Thank you! I am glad someone decided to do this! Count me in as a fan... leaf. :tommy:


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I like the test.

My predictions:

1. I like Vulx representatives and what they stand for as a company, and think it will work great.

2. In the event results aren’t quite as expected with cannabis, keep in the back of your minds that they may be with other fruiting crops... and that water issues are a substantial issue in California, other states in the US, and several nations around the world.

I’m a big believer in if you claim it, prove it, but I also work in an industry where I’ve seen some very worthwhile technologies draw the short straw due to use cases or a few bad showings. So with that, I look forward to two strong plants!


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Both plants needed water yesterday, and I gave them both 24 ounces...no runoff but they seemed wet top to bottom. They are both showing Ca/Mg deficiencies so I bumped the nutes to 4.5g/gallon for the regular plant, and 2.25g/gallon for the Vulx plant. Here they are:

It might be a little hard to spot in the front pic, but in the top view you can see that the Vulx version is looking a little nitrogen deficient as well.


Without Vulx:

It's still early days and they are probably due for transplant this weekend, but this is my first observed difference between the two plants. I won't be changing anything about the program as I go.
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