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I get my dry ice from Baskin Robins Ice Crem.
That makes it 33 flavors but the last one freezes your tongue solid!
As you're shaking, the tricome heads will all drop off, leaving a big pile of sandy colored kief. If shaken for too long with the dry ice, plant material will become small & brittle enough to pass through the screen too.
You can see it clear as day when it starts happening. You'll be shaking out amazing, clean kief, but eventually the material that you are shaking out of the bag will be a little darker & greener. That's generally where I stop.
Great info...thanks P!
I'm glad linking is catching on...thank you AB :).

Homer Simpson

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When I get on my computer later I'll run those numbers for you.

I'm sure Grandpa will reply...give it a shot as a test?

No need to decarb your oil as you decarbed the weed before you made it as mentioned above. That decarb note was for after QWET evaporation.
Great Shed, looking forward to those numbers. :goodjob:

Actually with your answers and the Sue's thread Birdie sent me I actually can't think of anything to ask Grandap. :oops:

Ok, wil decarb as per usual. Thanks again Shed. :thumb:

Amy Gardner

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This has been a productive night :).
Wow it really was! 4pages a day round here... there was an update back there somewhere :hmmmm:

So - on the lack of pictures my friend :4:
Some stretch on the PC (you know what that looks like)
Does everyone though? I’m still getting a handle on recognising it ;)
some droopy leaves on the Candidas (you've seen it)...
lets see it again!
I'm basically just watering and moving plants around.
That’s what we come for man! :cheer:
here is the Bedroom Cookies clone that @Archiweedies gave me:
OOOh it is a pretty one :yummy:
Knees might be a good spot to try.
I will try a batch for topical using pumpkin or grapeseed oil
Hi Homer J! Blend the 2 if you can - great absorbtion :)

dunno how effective a topical ointment would be on a herniated disc
Maybe more than you’d think (hi Fert :)). One of my worst spots are knees (osteo-arthritis and other ‘phenomena’). The oil I made isn’t really strong enough (was my first batch) and doesn’t actually absorb as well as it should and it still works really well - applied fairly liberally every 2-3 hours :D If you can reach to apply it, or have someone to apply it for you, I think it might work for you. It’s like the painful zone gets wrapped in a big ball of cotton wool :ganjamon:
Put a drop of vanilla in your tincture bottle...just thought of that :).
Lovely! :bravo:



Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019


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So - on the lack of pictures my friend :4:
Yes, I get it!
Hey Amy, thanks for the input. I may try a blend depending on cost
My topical pain oil (which enabled me to go to dinner last night) is a blend of pumpkin seed and grapeseed (50/50) but I usually recommend grapeseed because it's easier to source. I get my pumpkin seed oil from Amazon.


Sunday Update for @Amy Gardner, @Norcaliwood (so he doesn't have to read or shoot at us), and of course the rest of you as well who wait more quietly ;).

The sun was out briefly this morning so I grabbed some pics of the biggies, as well as clones (sorry Amy, Candidas will have to wait for another day). About 30 minutes after I took these the clouds rolled in, the temps dropped 10 degrees, and an hour later it was raining again. Big three now under the strips and the Candidas and Bedroom Cookies in the tent with the Mars 300.

Let's begin with the clones. As I've mentioned, I'm having a 100% success rate with this method (the top left PC came out of the cloninator; you saw it yesterday):

Had to crop my credit card bills out of this:

And on to the big three in flower, flip day 9. The Peyote Critical is getting its stretch on and getting bigger than the other two. The AK and Sour G don't look all that different.

Peyote Critical (if you squint you can just make out the quadline in this pic):

The AK-47:

And Sour G;

There will be some major cleaning to do when stretch is over as there is a whole lot of underbrush that needs to be cleared out for airflow porpoises given the cramped quarters at night (for now).

Candidas tomorrow! Have a great rest of your Sundays (Monday for Amy) :).


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Lookong good here shed. Dip n grow eh? That a specialty thing? I may grab some while were out today if I can find anything


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Nice update Shed. Looks like the temps are bothering ya much other than maybe slowing things down a bit. All growth looks good.
Thanks Derby! Probably a bit of a slowdown since the temps at the soil level stay in the low to mid 60s 24 hours a day when they're indoors. But when the sun's out the radiant heat gets the pot temps on that side into the 80s. Oh well...this is the way of my grow and I do the best I can :).


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Coconut butter is more like coconut puree. It had more of a coconut flavor and is not just pure fat like coconut oil. I mostly was interested in using it as a topical sense mine is past it's best before date, but it still tastes pretty good. It just has much more coconut flavor so I am not sure how I would use it as an edible either.
That and people wanting to lick you because you taste like a coconut.


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At room temps it's gonna be paste again, so try smearing it on your skin and see if it's a good thing. Personally I'd pass. Why waste the weed on that when you know what will actually work?

The point of topicals is to be in a carrier oil that moves the THC into the top layer of the skin rather than sit on top. This is why the research has been done into the best carrier oils. Grapeseed is much better and available everywhere, even where Derby lives!
I found a liter of organic grapeseed oil at sprouts for 9.99. A freaking liter. Not one of those silly 473ml bottles. Trump should ban 473ml bottles.


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Shed, what is your reasoning behind cutting 50/50 with pumpkin seed oil?
Also, at what ratio of decarbed bud in grams to oil do you use to infuse. Sorry, I just had to write 'use to infuse'.
I don't remember exactly, but I think I got the idea from Magnus8's topical thread. I think one is there to be really quickly absorbed and the other to make it a little more spreadable. I can't remember which is which though. I know grapeseed is known to be fast but I think I read that pumpkin seed was even faster.

I started with fractionated coconut but I found it too greasy.

I don't do ratios when I choose to infuse, I use Oldbear's spreadsheet to tell me when I'm in my target range. PM me if you want the link and the instructions.
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