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Thanks Mushie! I'd like to think it was that but I think I just had other plants that took priority in the meantime :).

The Peyote Critical and the Candidas are from seeds, but I find growing clones a heck of a lot easier. I will be dropping at least two new seeds when I harvest these three plants: a DTF from Stank Genetics (Durban Thunder Fuck) and a Super Lemon Haze from ILGM. There may be one other seed but the rest will be clones.

The AK fills a lot of jars, so that is what goes to the topical pain oil (aside from being my wife's usual smoke), I have no idea if the Sour G is even any good since it hasn't been smoked yet (so I have to grow at least one more in case it turns out great), and the Candida will be almost entirely going into CBD oil, so I have to keep that going at all times.

Seriously though, feel free not to be quiet :4:.
Gotcha... grow on my friend your babys look


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Plants and clones look great man.
Thanks Crazy. Next winter will be entirely different. I don't plan to do this again :rolleyes:. I think I'll just run two autos next winter and keep the photos small until March.
It sounds like you have everything all worked out. It sounds like a good plan.
LOL! It's the best plan I could muster :).
Gotcha... grow on my friend your babys look
Thanks MGR!
How is your dad doing shed?
He's doing pretty well these days. When I visit he has been in great spirits. Thanks so much for asking. :Namaste:

Monday Candida update!

They seem to have stopped yellowing and the the deficiencies are gone (any spots you see are old), but no-tap has developed a weird twisty leaf thing happening on new growth. Let me show you:

Ever see that before? I'm waiting to see if it grows out of it but it looks like I had them in a pony tail too long or something. Could it be cooler temps? But they're both at the same temperature at night. V strange.

On the other hand, w'tap is doing alright:

I'm afraid to do anything to them until I feel like they have really settled into their bigger pots. I might top some of the taller growth but I'm hesitant to supercrop at this point.

Sunny and cool here but in the sun they sit along with the biggies. I hope your outlook is bright and clear as well.
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I need to water the berry bomb so I put her outside in the sun. Grabbed the Nuke'm and doused her after feeding. She's in the sun and will get doused again before I bring her in tonight. Mmmmmmmmm, still not sure about this decision....


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I have managed to stave off a migraine all weekend without any meds with regular application of my topical to the top of my spine/base of my neck area (you can read all about that area here), as well as on the muscles in the back of my neck up into my hairline. I rolled it on and rubbed it in every 2-4 hours from Friday afternoon through Saturday night, and while I felt like I had a stiff neck some of the time, I never got the pain that comes when I don't take the meds early.
Thank you so much for the link! A big reason I got into growing was to help my youngest son. He's been suffering from very debilitating migraines for about 10 yrs now. He doesn't get them often, but when he does, he gets pretty much all the symptoms including vomiting and distorted vision. They last for about 12 hrs and then another 24 hrs of hangover after that. None of the meds that have been prescribed have been very effective. Smoking helps with the pain and since my harvest in October, he's only gotten one migraine maybe because of the more regular smoking/edibles dosing.
I definitely want to understand the topicals next. :thanks:


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That's great news BeezLuiz! I'm glad he found something that works, and even better that it's cannabis. Topicals are temporary pain killers and don't change the body chemistry the way smoking or ingesting do. That's why they need to be applied every few hours. They do have the ability to target nerve endings in the skin, and that's why the MDR is the spot...it's where the neurons come together before they enter the brain, close to the surface and without myelination.

Apply early and apply often!


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Hello Mr.Shed.
I was wondering if you could tell me around when you started growing your Peyote Critical?
I would like to get a sneak peek.
Is she a complicated girl or is she the easy going type?
Thank you Sir.
Greetings VG and :welcome: to my little grow! My PC was sprouted on Oct 8th, which was only 235 pages ago :). It has been pretty easy to grow. I quadlined it, which slowed it down, and there may have been some standard nute hiccups along the way, but these days I do nothing but feed it and watch it stretch. I'd recommend it as an easy strain to grow.

Heavenly Hybrid

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This is what I need to calculate oil strength:
Estimated % of THC in the buds
Number of grams of bud used
Number of milliliters of oil used
Method of infusion and for how long (e.g. in a jar the oven for 2 hours...).

I use a spreadsheet that Oldbear created, so if you have that info I can give you an idea of what you've got!
If you’d be so kind Shed - I made some butter with Blue Dream THC 21%, 14g, with 2 cups of butter in the MB machine (thank you Shed ;)). I did have a snafu, the MB machine went for 3-4 hours before I turned it off myself, and it had some charring in the bottom. Yikes! I’d guess it affected the potency somehow? Anyway, the butter went into my 2 Tbs molds and there were 21 Tbs total. Would you please help me calculate per Tbs? :Namaste:
Sunday Update for @Amy Gardner, @Norcaliwood (so he doesn't have to read or shoot at us), and of course the rest of you as well who wait more quietly ;).

The sun was out briefly this morning so I grabbed some pics of the biggies, as well as clones (sorry Amy, Candidas will have to wait for another day). About 30 minutes after I took these the clouds rolled in, the temps dropped 10 degrees, and an hour later it was raining again. Big three now under the strips and the Candidas and Bedroom Cookies in the tent with the Mars 300.

Let's begin with the clones. As I've mentioned, I'm having a 100% success rate with this method (the top left PC came out of the cloninator; you saw it yesterday):

Had to crop my credit card bills out of this:

And on to the big three in flower, flip day 9. The Peyote Critical is getting its stretch on and getting bigger than the other two. The AK and Sour G don't look all that different.

Peyote Critical (if you squint you can just make out the quadline in this pic):

The AK-47:

And Sour G;

There will be some major cleaning to do when stretch is over as there is a whole lot of underbrush that needs to be cleared out for airflow porpoises given the cramped quarters at night (for now).

Candidas tomorrow! Have a great rest of your Sundays (Monday for Amy) :).
Wow, that Sour G is a beauty! I’d like to just have that as a house plant, it’s so pretty.
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