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Van Stank

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Nice glad to hear that she still enjoys it! My jars are about empty on it. Hoping some of the other stuff I have coming down soon will scratch the itch she (the DTF) used to. No space to start any right now.


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Might have to chop this weekend.
I think you might-quite a bit of amber there,except for the last pic.
Love the color on that plant!
That pipe is sweet! you finished it off nicely-now just gotta get some burn in that bowl!


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Amy Gardner

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My wife hasn't used it yet because she doesn't want to mess it up, so I can't tell you how it works!
Love the workmanship of that pipe.:green_heart: I know the feeling about lighting it up for the first time. I have one of my pipes, that I made several months ago, that is still unused.
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