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Just wanted to get the first message out of the way so here goes. I believed all the lies that everyone was told growing up and never touched weed or anything else. Joining the military at 18 made it even easier to continue to believe the hype that it is a "drug" and has to be avoided. That all changed 1 year ago. My wife has smoked for a few years on and off and I never thought much of it. Last 4th of July was a turning point in my life for sure. After a lot of peer pressure from her and her younger brother they convinced me to finally try the "evil weed"...right before going to see a late showing of World War Z...talk about intense. It was fun, relaxing and no where near anything bad. Having been in the military for 12 years at that point with multiple deployments, multiple close friends lost, alcohol and sleeping pills were the norm. This was completely different. Not only was it fun, but I found myself able to sleep better than using ambian, my normal aches and pains from flying a small helicopter were gone, my anger issues were resolved, I had an increased sex drive, and most importantly my "PTSD" which I hate to acknowledge is real was completely lowered after smoking. I tried it a few more times, but because I feared a random drug test which would end my career I stopped shortly thereafter...In November we took a family cruise and I smoked multiple times a day every day, and it was amazing. I have been on/off since always cautious of any possible test, always looking over my shoulder. Being in the south it is not only hard to find, when we finally found a source, the only option is schwag, and even worse it is very risky because is still prosecuted heavily due to the bible belt setting. The last 2 months have been spent reading, reading, and watching everything I could find on growing and that has brought me to where I am today. I am a full time pilot, and part time grower. I have set up 2 5 gallon DWC systems both with 3 plants. I used seeds from the local schwag and have 5 extra seedlings still in a starter soil, to replace an males in the group. I am using general hydroponics 3 part nute system, keeping a upper 5/low 6 PH, and have a 7 light CFL setup. They just went into the buckets this last week so I am excited to see how they go. Even more exciting are the Trans Siberian Auto's that should be arriving any day now. I will be doing 2 plants in a single 5 gallon set up, starting with rockwool, and using TaoTronics 135W LED for lighting. So thats a quick run down, any tips, advice or just overall chatting is welcome. If you want to know how to fly a helicopter just let me know and I will trade tips. 7 more years left in the military so I still have to keep it in hiding, hopefully we can fix the system and spread the truth about a very helpful plant. Take it easy guys.


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:welcome: No question you landed on the best site for cannabis there is! 420mag has some of the best growers in the world and they are all more than willing to help out new growers. Congratulations on your "awakening" to the benefits of this wonderful plant :high-five: It is by no means nothing short of a miracle. My wife was raised to also think it was evil, and she put it in the same class as meth or heroin. Its sad that the propaganda can so easily sway peoples opinions. All I can say is the truth is out there now and the stereotypes are slowing being destroyed. Keep it green my friend! .....and btw thank you for your service!


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a58dguy, thank you for your service to us. We want to :welcome: you to :420:. We are glad that you are here. We are spreading the truth about cannabis and hemp to the world. https://www.420magazine.com/forums/introduce-yourself/216746-new-member-start-links.html has many very good links to things that may be of interest to you. And if you have any questions then the Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to look for answers or to ask questions. It sounds like you have a good handle on it so far. You have friends here. We love growing this miraculous plant. Many here have been growing for decades underground. Not literally underground (but don't rule that out either) but you know what I mean. I have been smoking since way back in the 60's. I guess that means that I am an old fart. :19: Look around and have fun. I hope that you have an excellent week my friend. :peace: :Namaste:

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Welcome to 420 Magazine! Thank you for your service! I'm glad another person has found out that MJ should be on the 'need list' instead of on the 'drug' list. Most importantly I want to 'thank you' for spreading 'awareness' while still in the military. It takes 'brass ones' to be sure. I learned to fly copters using 'Jane's' Apache Longbow' :) Nice Intro!


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Little late to find you. I wish i found that you were on :420: way back when lol. Its nice to have some one on here that i can meet up with of the web!!!
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