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hi all, newbe and here for the banter and to learn new knowledge on the masters of growing from the masters of growing, from scotland and it's my first real atempt at growing,. i put a post up and some picture in it and gallery of what i attempted to grow from a unknowin seed,, but it went hermi on me, (bumber) any tips tricks or info on how to get good seeds strains leave details it would be much appreciated as here where i'm from it's not to easy to do,... cheers for reading fellow growers,.. peace people,.:cool027::party:

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Re: itroduce ME!!

This stuff has a learning curve to it don't it... LOL
Welcome to the 420 mag family. If you haven't already, please take a moment to check out the guidelines: Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting
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Re: itroduce ME!!

ive learned plenty and still learn daily!
the first and formost item is gennetics (SEEDS)! NEVER I MEAN NEVER GROW WITH SEED YOU DONT KNOW! NEVER!
ok, i hope u understand! you could get some nice bud but nothin compared to the quality gennetics out there today. gettin them is another story! time is the key! give this entire process time and never rush anything! you'll be so rewarded in the end its not even funny!
once youve aquired the quality then comes the care aspect. o what an aspect it is! you can grow what ever you put your heart into. your mind needs to lead! without proper thought to grow the plant to maturiturity. problems arrise time to time and severly diminish the end result. being of quality or quantity or in some cases both, the end result is depressing! especially after the time and care put into the grow!
i grow for pain relief! i doubt id have the little ambition i have without the excrusiating ever constant pain. i get breaks from the pain but never long enough!
mother nature can teach you the most. adjust your thought process and mimic her! youll be amazed unless your out doors already!
keep in mind, you dont care about the above ground growth unless ist sickly.
you do care about the root ball till you put the plant into flower.
transplant often, always lookin at the beautiful white roots that look almost fuzzy or very veiny. these two aspects are great indications for the life and health of your plants!!!!


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cheers guy's defo has a learn curve,, dont know whats harder finding my way round here or growing:p but eh! great advice above,. there is one main thing to do with cutting that i'm not keen on as i dont want to fick up,, i have on a few occasions read and studied all about taking them but never did it as i'm not confident to do,, does anyone have a detailed sketch or thread of video that can show me exactly where and how i take the cutting, would be much appreciated cheers,.;)

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well, the absolutly easiest way to take cuttings is to have a mother plant.
the lowest branches will be the easiest to root. have you ever seen your mom or aunt cut or break a plant then stick in water? there have been advances but the old way works fine. ive just done it 3 different time in a row. there were some failures but i expected it.

a cutting from the bottom of the plant: this will help you with the fick up stage. all low light branches should be removed so the middle and top grows bigger and better. the low light branches take more energy to keep them alive. this is why some plants look scrawney and less dense than others. there are so many variables with this it just depends on your circumstances. the plant looks good overall just seems a little small, if the lower branches would have been removed ive seen a 50 to 85% increace in size. then the plant looks like it should be in a magazine. like i said its your circumstances that dictates your actions!
anyways cut the branches, cut the individual branches off that. soak in a vitimin b solution then in a weaker one for the duration. the roots take from 10 to 14 days to form. make sure the container has no light on the stems. put in water and cover the stems. or put cuttings in a rooting plug then in a cloning chamber.
experiment find whats easy and repeatable for you! everyones a little different!
peace and good luck
seeds are another thing!!!!! i grew from bag seed for 4 yrs and almost quit! i found a mag with an offer of free seeds, they wanted some info about the injury and pain i go through. then sent me my first quality seeds. thats when everything changed! everything. then it was a neutrient thing and waht worked for me. ive very low wattage bulbs compared to the average grower. there are other steps i use to try and make up the difference. theres no real sub for wattage, care and the best food goes a long way though!
i made seeds from them and since getting ripped off from a seed co. thats not listed here
ive made my own eversince. i wish i could share but its not allowed. there are however contestes here that are quite easy. chit ive even won won at one time, not here but a winner i was!

my plants have 0 branches up to 1/2 way up the plant.
just take your time in removing them if you ever do. get the plant used to the loss of mass early in its life. it will expect it, everyones different and ive only been doin this for10 yrs or so. i dont give out false info.
peace and have a good grow. questions, send a message.


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Hey there , welcome to 420 mag ! As you can already tell , this website is full of knowledgeable people . Enjoy your stay and enjoy the access to all you need to know about marijuana .


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yes very helpfull indeed, thanks to all above for the intelent info, and the welcoming, look farward to seeing your grows do well,. peace ::high-five:

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:welcome: to 420magazine... :roorrip:
Lot's of good people here to help with the new climate... :yahoo:
Smoke one and enjoy the site... :rollit:

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