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Introducing myself


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Hello 420,

Just introducing myself as I'm new here.

My name is CannaBill ;)

Fairly new to the game of growing canna, but a long time gardener and long time smoker, so not entirely without a base of knowledge. No longer content with buying sub-par weed, I decided to start growing my own...and did! Very happy to have made that decision, it's so much better this way.



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Re: Introducing myself.

hello and welcome
nothing like the taste of your own works
take care and good luck


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hey CannaBill, welcome to the number one cannabis resource on the web :420: :welcome:

Lots of us on here are gardeners turned growers. My wife and I started a greenhouse and market garden from our home recently. I love having a selection of exotic strains too, I ran 5 in my current grow, 4 of which just finished.

If you need any help don't hesitate to ask FAQs or check out the New Member Start Links thread for lots of guides and tips on using and navigating the site.

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