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Introducing our new Grow Moderator!


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Hey all!

After much thoughtful consideration, Bagzgroove has kindly joined me on the "Grow Team". He will be here to help you with your Grow Room questions, comments, and problem situations!

Please take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself to our new Grow Room Moderator!!!

Thanks again Bagz for coming aboard!!!

Greenest regards!


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Re: Introducing our new Grow Moderator!!!

Thank you guys. . . I have been feeling very welcome, and as Akorn puts it, I'm ready to do the good work. . I am more than happy to help anyone with their questions and situations. I currently grow in soil and have a few harvest's under my belt. . . nothing like your own. . I have built my cabs from scratch, and have gotten pretty good at getting good results from small spaces. Feel free to PM me, and happy growing! :peace:
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