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Introduction & New Grow: Incredible Bulk DWC Grow, ROCK Nutrients


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Why hello fellow growers, stoners and alike!

Ok so ive been growing for some time now and wanted to share some of my experiences, and of course gain new knowledge from all the amazing 420 peeps! so why not journal this grow which im currently entering week 3, also im going to share my mistakes from my last grow after changing my RDWC setup.

Anyway a bit of background, I started with a handfull of seeds some years ago, the odd outdoor hear and their.. had no idea what i was doing or growing but got some decent yeilds and interesting suprises, good buds concidering i knew nothing of what i do now.. Basic right... seed goes in soil and she grows?.. anyway progressed to getting strain seeds online and a basic HPS light setup which i installed in a large wardrobe at the old place, extractor into the ceiling.. soil bags, hardware store grade feeds, messy shit.. but again decent buds.

Right so one day i get introduced to this bloke, we go for a smoke in his garage get talking and he shows me his setup...
Blows my mind, faulse wall in the back of the garage.. huge custom tent and a home made RDWC system with 24 plants, 3 month cycles and a shit load of yeild year round.. impressive stuff.
Moving on the point is it got me thinking about DWC..

So when I moved house i figured why not give it a crack?
Started off tinkering with small DWC setups at first, just basic PVC home made from the local hardware store, changed the design, killed a few plants and grew some crappy buds also lol.. but i learnt a lot.
Anyway few months later I got my hands on some "Incredible Bulk" cuttings... and here i am now, 5th crop with the strain that all started with 2 cuttings I picked up for $25.

OK! ill shut up now you know the background and move on to the interesting shit!
Prewarning ** im a cowboy grower yeah, i have learned a lot of shit over the years. But my main sources for help are the Hydro store and what I research when i get stuck, so please pull me up if im doing shit wrong.
We all learn thats why im here. im no horticulturist thats for sure**

----GROW NUMBER 4---- **ALGAE ISSUES!** Febuary 11th Clones transplanted

2 x Incredible Bulk


DIY RDWC system
Castnoo 1000w full spectrum LED x 1
LAgarden Tent 80 x 80 x 160cm

Nutrients: (Didnt take note of feeds and dates for this grow unfortunatly)
Rock Ignite Grow A+B
Rock Supercharge
Rock Nitro

OK so first thing i did wrong was not clean the RDWC properly from the last grow, i got lazy which was the start of my problems.
Second was using clear feed tube and this grow i changed the water storage and decided it would be smart to remove the lid for easy water changes... dumb, anyway heres the results, impressive considering how sick the plants got when algae took over the root system.

WEEK 1: Febuary 11th




WEEK 2: Febuary 18th - Note you can already see the algae forming on the roots, which i didnt notice at the time



WEEK 3: Febuary 25th - Algae takes over!




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After week 3 i visited the Hydro store and picked up treatments as the guys recommended, new black piping and fitted the lid to cover the reservoir..

If you didnt know... because i didnt, light hitting the water or the roots.. yeah perfect condidtions for algae growth...

Conditioners: Treated algae with
De-fuse hydroponic nutrient conditioner
Go Green

WEEK 7: March 22nd -
Steady recovery!




WEEK 10: April 28th -
Going strong - Getting too big for the tent - Switched to flower, lolipopped :yummy:

Earlier than i would have liked but the new tent hadnt arrived yet




WEEK 11: March 29th - Crowning



WEEK 16: May 27th - Harvest - Yeild 183.7G



Concidering issues was happy with the yeild - Top quality
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OK! so that brings me to my current woes!
Upgraded system and nutrients as follows:

----GROW NUMBER 5---- WEEK 3**DEFORMED LEAFS** June 17th Clones transplanted

Wont go into detail but feel free to read my thread here:
Strange leaf growth deformation

3 x Incredible Bulk

NUTsystems Oxypot 19 litre x 4

Castnoo 1000w full spectrum LED x 2 - 2000W total
LAgarden Tent 240 x 120 x 200

(Changing feed to ROCK Fusion 1 part feed)
Rock Fusion Grow
Rock Supercharge
Rock Nitro

De-fuse hydroponic nutrient conditioner
Go Green

ok so after doing some reading i decided to change main feed to Rock Fusion Grow give it a whirl.
heres the progress so far:

WEEK 1: June 17th
PH 5.5




WEEK 1: June 24th - Realise now this is probably a little strong, used ROCK's generic feed chart should have followed my instincts

PH 5.5 - PPM 900-1000 :idea:
-De-fuse hydroponic nutrient conditioner
25ml to 50 litre
-Go Green
50ml to 50 litre
-Rock Fusion Grow
200 to 50 litre
-Rock Supercharge
50ml to 50 litre
-Rock Nitro
50ml to 50 litre




WEEK 2: July 1st - Flushed system - Reduced nutrients in half

PH 5.5 - PPM 600-700..
Thoughts? still too high? I tend to use higher PPM levels in my grows, probably a waste but meh

-De-fuse hydroponic nutrient conditioner

25ml to 50 litre
-Go Green
25ml to 50 litre
-Rock Fusion Grow
50 to 50 litre
-Rock Supercharge
25ml to 50 litre
-Rock Nitro
25ml to 50 litre






Ok so now we wait... PH'd rockwool seems to be the cause of deformations... You probably noticed the little guy whos growing slower also... hmm
Will keep you guys updated next week, hopefully they start to grow out of it
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