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i am the host of "the truth about money" on npr-affilate kzyx, community radio for mendocino county.

* * *

tomorrow, friday, july 9, at 9-10 am, pacific time, i am interviewing mendocino county sheriff, tom allman, about mendocino county's new 99-plant ordinance and permit process.

* * *

the show streams live on the web at www.kzyx.org.

* * *

listeners can call during the show at in at either (707) 467-9011 or 1 (800) 499-7117.

* * *

listeners can email questions: thetruthaboutmoney@kzyx.org or dj@kzyx.org.
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Hi The Truth, and thanks for let us know. :thumb:
:welcome: to the 420Magazine forum.
Enjoy this friendly site.
Hope to see you around the forums.


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will the interview be available via podcast afterwords?


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Welcome to 420, :welcome:such a peaceful and informative site. Its grat to hear about your plans. I listen to NPR all the time!

You've found a very helpful site, well versed in knowledge about growing, legalization, medical uses, and even info on cooking with herb! Indoor, Outdoor, Soil, or Hydro (I'm a bubbles grower) CFLs, or HID lights, it is ALL here!

And the most helpful MODs you've ever met! Just ask one or any member here for guidance! Look for The Butcher, Green007, or Mostly Crazy, they are very knowledgable. OldMedicineMan has a great thread of information too! :thumb:

The home Page is divided into Forums with Topic Titles. Those Forums are divided into THREADS, and those THREADS are divided into POSTS. You started a THREAD in the Forum INTRODUCE YOURSELF and the replies are additonal POSTS in your THREAD.
I wish someone had explained that to me my first day.

Peace I hope to see you around the forums. :peace2:
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