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Iolite Vaporizer


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A Vaporizer is used to heat up the dry herbs up to a temperature at which their active components through an aromatic vapor are released.If we talk about Iolite Vaporizer, it is cordless and it doesn't require battery or additional heat source.An Iolite Vaporizer is ignited easily and it reaches at vaporizing temperature in minutes by hitting peak performance in 10 minutes. While a humidifier is such an appliance that increases humidity and it is used to add moisture in the air.


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Iolite Vaporizer is often confused with humidifiers. The main difference between these is that a humidifier helps to transform water into cool air and releases it into the air. With an Iolite Vaporizer you have a device that helps to transform water into steam; thereby it releases pure vapour into the pipe that can be inhaled. The biggest difference that you will find in an Iolite Vaporizer and a humidifier is that the vaporizer makes use of a heating element, whereas a humidifier does not have any need for that.
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