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Iolite Wispr 2 Review


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Hello People,

This is my first post and thought I share what I think about this Product.

I recently was told by my friend about something called a Vaporizer. I didn't know there was such a thing for Weed because I seen a rise in e-cig last few yrs & thought most of them was Desktop ones like Volcane.

What appealed to me was that before I had smoke with Tobacco and sheets because as an ex tobacco smoker I wanted to cut this totally out. This would really make me smell alot, but also I really wanted to stop smoking tobacco mixed with weed & have been baited out because of it having to take extreme precautions.

I did some research & found alot of them. I came across Iolite Wispr 2. This appealed to more than say MFLB over the fact it wasnt Battery powered but Butane based, so I made the investment.

This little device is just pure magic, Fill the butane up & then put the weed into the chamber and fire it up.

What I found was one after the initial heating up which makes a wisper sound not very loud, was that it would do this every 45 secs for like 5secs.

When it came to smoking there would be a very light or light vapor when blowing out. I found that if u smoke the Wispr after the first or 2nd heating (2mins) after the chamber was heated, smoking it have the weed burned at a more optimal.

The smell when smoking is near non-existance & anyone that does is either a burn pop corn or that bowl needs cleaning (more on that later). As for clothes no1 has said anything or out of my mouth. Except eyes well I use eye drops for that.

Now the high. There is very different feel for the high. Where as smoking a zoot, would make me very lazy, unenergetic, heavy brain, but very jammy. The vaporisor high is different. It is as if my brain is high but doesnt make me feel lazy, & more light it is as if im just a normal but brain is really stoned. The chamber is really small but a full chamber will get just a high as a zoot or even less. There is no harsh comedown im not sure if that has to do with the tobacco or burning but when I smoke its like im abit heavy and I knw im not high when that heavyness goes.

The device runs on butane gas zero impurities (Zero impurities is really important), I found that I would roughly last 10-15 mins per chamber & also how fast you would smoke also. But one can of Butane lasted me about a mouth, this was with everyday use.

Maintenance, the Wipr needs cleaning after after like 5-10 uses less is better (as less to clean), this mostly involve cleaning the mouth piece, Bowl, grill & chamber. This could be cleaned with cotton buds. Most important would be to clean the grill as cleaning it would make it last longer as grills are quite expensive.


  • are that if the chamber is hot is just heated it usually doesnt let you fill the butane up.
  • Also if you looking for ninja stealth the heating noise might turn you off.
  • The butane, runs out so if your out and about it might be abit of a problem taking a can with you.
  • If you dont smoke within 2 mins the subsequent tokes will be harsh.
  • A bit less portable, due to having to carry can.
  • Have to clean to keep optimal, & grill can be damaged and useless if not & buying maybe expensive in the long run
  • Takes a minute to heat the chamber up

  • Great vaporise & Very well built
  • Great for doing other things such as walking or driving.
  • Good if you want to stop smoking
  • Less lazy high, still the munches are still there
  • No smell of weed or tobacco
  • Cheaper in the long run
  • Cleaner high
  • Butane based, so dont need to worry about batteries dying
  • Discreet as it looks like a juice box

Overall, a very solid product & would recommend to anyone interested in a vaporisor.

I am looking in the future to get MFLB & a volcano. This is just my views on this fantastic product & wished to share my good & bad points. Let me knw if this helpful. Thanks
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