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Ipower Grow Tent Review


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Ok let me start by saying," this is my first and only grow tent." That being said let me point out the obvious, I have nothing to base my opinions on and I'm basically a naive idiot doing a product review. Now, if you can look past all that and give this a read you may find it helpful and even somewhat knowledgeable.

SO... I'm just starting my 4-5th grow (total experience over my life) and have never had a real need to be stealthy as I've been a home owner for most of those grows. Now I've been thinking about my flower phase and decided, "I'm gonna need a tent! At the very least..." So I started my reading, from many of you I'm sure and many reviews on line. I will admit I didn't want to spend a lot of money and settled on what I was sure, especially after all the prices I'd found, would be a POS.

So I said, "Screw it! If it's a Piece of Shit then I'm only out a little cash." As Opposed to the Gorilla Grow Tents which for me are very expensive. It got here and me and my friend had it assembled in about 15-20 minutes. It's double stitched with extra material in the corners. Easy to follow destructions. Aluminum peg poles that lock in place but allow you to rotate for the correct fit. Triple welded, one piece, corners that only fit one way for correct assembly.

There are three screened floor vents with velcro on the outside to fasten and keep them light tight. As well as, an extra floor piece, with reflective coating. The material is very durable and feels rugged. Not quite like a Jeep Soft Top, but very nice.

I really like the upper supports across the top. They are fold over flattened metal and there are two that go front to back and one that goes width wise. I put the two that go front to back on first with the longest one going over the top of them. This will give the longest one 6 supports so it can handle various loads.

Now the ducting vents. There are 5 total ducting vents 1 on the top left (it goes out the left wall), 3 on the top right (one out the roof, one out the back, and one out the right wall), and finally there is one at the floor level. They are doubled up with elastic draw stings so you can fasten the ducting at two points to ensure no light leaks.

The door has two zippers an you can open from top, bottom, or middle (YES THAT'S IMPORTANT) The zipper is second only to the aforementioned Jeep Soft Top (Jeep Wave). Very sturdy and the track is durable as well. There is also a thin rubber strip for reinforcement. And a clip on the inside of the door and a plastic 'D' ring to fasten to, when you're fondling your ladies.

As I stated I was skeptical about this purchase from Zen Hydroponics, for $50.00.

I haven't moved in yet and as stated I'm new to this side of growing but for 50 bucks, I'm F****N impressed. They have different sizes available if you need something larger.

I would definitely buy another one of these and recommend it to a friend or even to you guys and gals. You should consider this an option, if you're looking.

That's all I got for ya, keep em green!



Creme de la Creme Photos of the Year: 2017 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Aug, Sept, Oct & Nov 2017 - Photo of the Month: May 2018
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