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Ireland-The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act 2010


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A medical cannabis act similar to California's Propisition 215 which passed into law in 1996 has been submitted to the Irish goverment by Dublin man Gordon Mc Ardle.

Medical cannabis activist Gordon Mr Mc Ardle is the former owner of Napa Natural Natural Wellness Group a medical cannabis dispensary in California Mr Mc Ardle a medical cannabis patient himself submitted The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act 2010 (click here to read the act in full) to Pat Carey Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs with special responsibility for the National Drug Strategy and Community Affairs after being informed that no framework existed to allow medicinal use of cannabis in Ireland without fear of prosecution.

After a meeting with Minister Pat Carey on thursday evening to discuss the issue Gordon Mc Ardle said he was "pleasantly surprised" at how open Ministers were to the idea of changing the law.

The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act 2010 seeks to provide necessary security in the dispensation of medications, health & safety protections, protection of patients, physicians, caregivers and providers rights under the law against prosecution for legally held medicine. It also provides legal recourse for the abuse of the protections of this law said Mr Mc Ardle.

Gordon Mr Mc Ardle goes on to say that the provisions of this proposed legislation provide safe access to medicine for qualifying patients. Under its provisions, patients will be permitted to grow a number of plants, purchase medicine from state-licensed dispensaries, legally possess and consume that medication provided they do so under a doctor's care. There are several safeguards built into the system to prevent abuse and to ensure public safety is maintained. Patients will be required to use medical cannabis in a responsible manner and shall be open to prosecution if found to be supplying medication to un-prescribed persons.

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That is fantastic news. They should post information on who in government needs us to nag them about this bill. One country at a time I suppose. I believe Arizona just passed a medical marijuana bill also, congratulations to all involved or affected.


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I dont no if this thread is still active but was interested to no if this progressed or any closer to becoming legal for us
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