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Irish Cannabis Men Ordered To Make Donation's


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2 Irish men found and charged with possession of cannabis resin have been ordered to make donations of €100 to Hope House, they avoided convictions by being given the benefit of the probation act .
The two Ballina men told Ballina District Court on Tuesday they were not habitual users.

Paul Coleman, 23 Amana Estate, Ballina and Kevin Newell, 1 Avondale Court, Ballina, both pleaded guilty through their solicitor.

When police searched them, the pair said they had bought the drugs at a rock concert.

Garda Sinead Caheny and Garda Gerard Taheny carried out the searches on the two men on July 8 last year at Marion Crescent. Coleman (21), who is currently unemployed but seeking an apprenticeship, had enough cannabis for two handrolled cigarettes in his back pocket while Newell (20), an apprentice blocklayer, had enough for three handrolled cigarettes.

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