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Iron deficiency? Light bleaching? Please help!


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Critical Purple Autoflower from GCS

SOIL: fox farm ocean forest
LIGHT: 600W LED & 100W CFL
3 Gal. pot
Running continuous 20/4 light sched.

Sprout broke soil on Jan. 10 so seedling is 1 week old at this point. Also this is my first grow so forgive me if I’m missing anything....

So from doing research I think I’m having one of 2 problems already with this week old seedling. The newest leaves sprouting are coming out a much lighter color (almost yellow/white) and is spreading to the older bigger leaves starting from the base of the lead toward the tips.

could it be iron deficiency? I am feeding nothing except water ph’d to 6.4.... I understand that FF Ocean forest can be a little hot for seedlings so I planned to hold out on Nutes for a few weeks.

or could it be light bleaching? This is something I’m not familiar with at all.The 600w led is about 18in from the top of the seedling. Also the single CFLis pointing at it horizontally from the ground about 8 in.away from the plant. Am giving too much light?

or do you guys have any other ideas? Please help, I can use all I can get thanks guys!

pics below


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FFOF (Fox Farm's Ocean Forest) is known to be too hot (too many nutrients) for some strains. FFHF (Fox Farm's Happy Frog) is highly recommended for seedlings. It contains less nutrients than FFOF.

You can try lifting the light about six inches or 15cm for a few days to see how that works.
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