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Is anyone using the Ardent?


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Yes, I bought the Ardent. I have been using it for less than a year. I'm happy I bought it because it makes oil infusion extremely simple. (However, I have some big criticisms too; which I'll talk about at the end. )

All key steps are automatic. First, decarb (just means heat up your weed; no oil at this point). Wait 1 hour 45 minuntes. Step 2. Remove decarbed weed, put weed in glass jar, poor olive oil over the weed. Step 3. Put the weed and oil back into the Ardent. Let cook for 2 hours. Step 4. --Remove oil and weed mixture and strain out your oil. You're done.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make weed oil and who does not want to mess with ovens, cook times, and pots and pans.

Does it smell? Not the first time you use but by the 2nd, 3rd, etc...it will smell. Not as bad as if you do it the oven but it definitely stinks. It also stinks when you open it. However, there are ways around this....if you have an extension cord you can do your cooking outside or on a back porch, windowsill, etc.

Build Quality of the Ardent: On a scale of: Very Poor to Great I'd say it's between "Very Poor" and "Poor."

I was aware of the poor build quality when I bough the Ardent so I tried to be very careful with it. The case cracked a lot in the first 30 days. After a few months the whole electronics module fell out---still connected though.

Does Build Quality Rule it Out: No. As soon as you get your Ardent start to beef it up....put Gorilla tape around the seam between the furnace and the electronic module....this isn't techy---just a simple tape job.

I really enjoy my Ardent and my oil and I almost never vape or smoke anymore. If you want my recipe or ratio of weed to oil just ask.


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Awesome, thank you for the review! We all appreciate it. I'm buying one so yes I'd love to see your recipes.


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I love the Ardent, it's super easy, seems to work very well, and they have lots of test results, which I really like. I recently got the silicone sleeve for it which made it a lot easier for me, highly recommend it. Mine still doesn't smell much after more than a year of use, but I might not notice since my house already smells like a dispensary most of the time.



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I've gotten to the point where I only enjoy cannabis as an edible oil.

I have one basic recipe. I use 7 grams of weed. I always use the highest THC weed available; usually 20%. (The steps are described in my previous post above.)

It's all quite simple. First decarb the 7 grams. Then place weed in small glass jar. Pour 70ml of good oil such as coconut, olive, hemp, over the decarbed weed. Pop it back in the Ardent.

After 2 hours the oil will be infused with THC and the light on the Ardent will go from red to green.
Once the oil weed mix cools down a little you can strain off the cannabis oil. Getting the oil out is a matter of squueezing it out or pressing it. People use cheesecloth; put the weed in the cloth, make a ball and wring it all out. I've tried different ways and I finally stumbled up a big oversize plastic syringe. It's way less messy than cheesecloth because with cheesecloth it's hard to keep the oil off your hands. You can always lick it off for effect though.

Some people put their oil into capsules that you can order. That's too fussy and messy for me. I just use a 1ml dropper to get the oil.

Based on my experience with THC capsules, tinctures, oils etc, I generally take about 5ml of the oil. Which I'd estimate to be about 60 to 100 mg of THC based on my previous experience with THC capsules, tinctures, oils etc, People with low tolerance would be best served by starting much lower like 1 or 2 mls which I'd guess would be 20-40 THC mgs.

If you keep the oil under your tongue for 2 minutes and swish it all around your gums etc, it'll hit a lot faster; like within 45 minutes. If you just swallow it it will take longer; and that's a fact.


My new Ardent quit after bout 12 loads over a two week period. Outer plastic has two hair cracks. Basically aesthetics doesn't affect operation. THEN the heater quit working. Now in the middle of harvest I have to go back to hand decarb. It is marvelous device but if it breaks down it is useless.

Where to get it repaired is another issue. I need a replacement? The company simply ignores e mails

I use the Ardent to decarb, then make marijuana infused olive oil in the MBM. It is always perfect.
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