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Is Cannabis the vital link between the EC system, Tachion energy & our blood system

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Is Cannabis the vital link between The EC System, Tachion Energy and our Blood System?

People who know me well will tell you that ii have an overactive imagination because ii smoke too much Cannabis…ii have also been questioned about my “Bullshit Barometer” … so yes ii cannot deny any of this…blush…but ii can tell you that as a simple person my medical mission is to bring TRUTH to you and to bring you closer to Self- Healing which is completely possible and completely free.

You do not need me to tell you that this is the kind of TRUTH that Babylon would not like people to know about because if people were to heal themselves…well then… the system would stand to lose mega profits.

So ii am so excited to share my imagination with you and the very real link between Cannabis, our EC System, Tachion Energy and our life force the blood.

So you already know about The EC System. You know that we have always had this system. You know that the system got its name from the Cannabis plant because there is a substance inside our bodies which mimics THC and THC is ONLY found in the Cannabis plant.

In my blood studies ii have been very busy looking at these so called ‘new’ Cannabinoid Receptors which have been ‘identified’ in the blood system and which have not been ‘cloned’ yet so this means that they are still ‘orphan receptors’ in the science world.

Personally we have always believed and known to be truth that the “THC Receptor System” operates throughout every single system in the body no exception…Cannabinoid Receptors are simply everywhere and are produced on demand when the body is not in balance and there is dis-ease lurking.

The main reason that we say this is because ONLY THC actually binds to the Cannabinoid Receptors, other Cannabinoids may interact but NONE actually bind and we have waited 400 years for scientists to wake up to this so this is now a scientific fact.

1 John 5 verse 7-8

“There are three witnesses: the Spirit, the water, and the blood: and these three agree as one”.​

What is Tachion Energy?

Most of us still believe that the atom is the smallest molecule in the universe and further most of us still believe Uncle Einstein and think that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light…so Tachion energy involves the complex study of subatomic particles in the universe. This is the study of Quantum Physics.

But first ii must clear something up as truth. The correct spelling and script of the word is TACHION and NOT Tachyon as you will only search results with this incorrect spelling even on Wikipedia and spell checks.


“TACH” means fast as in faster than the speed of light

“CHI” means energy…so that means energy which travels at the speed of light…

“ION” means charged particle and in this case Tachions are both positively and negatively charged which makes them even more extraordinary.​

Upfront ii can tell you that Tachion Energy is invisible and further no one has ever seen a Tachion before.

But still millions of people are using Tachion Energy to heal themselves, their families and their communities. And there is no end to the number of ‘Tachionized’ products you can buy including products marketed specifically for the blood system…so yes Tachion Energy is big business indeed.

According to scientists Tachions do not exist so it is considered a pseudo-science however if you search in the right places you will find the truth of all things which really also lies with Tachion Energy.

For goodness sakes the first time ii heard about a Tachion was in Star Trek in the 70’s and the oldest paper ii have read on this topic is from 1962…so this is not ‘new’ technology…its hidden technology now stepping out into the truth realm. Exactly the same story with the revelation of The EC System …or else all living creatures except the bee suddenly evolved and developed a ‘new’ physiological system in the early 90’s…nonsense ii say.

So Tachions are the small particles which create the electrons and protons of which atoms are made of, so Tachion Energy makes up physical matter.

The reason why we cannot see Tachions is because they move faster than the speed of light. Tachions hold the electro-magnetic fields of matter together. Some scientists have now accepted that Tachion Energy IS the energy beyond electro-magnetic energy.

How do Tachions work?

All things are the manifestation of thought so Tachions are really mind energy and they are controlled by the mind so this puts the study of Tachion Energy in the realm of metaphysics which basically means we look beyond the physical for the true cause of imbalance which always manifests as an energy blockage in the Chakra System. This has been the ethos of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 5000 years and the Chinese have also been using Cannabis as medicine for the same period of time.

So if you have blockages in your Chakra System then this slows the Tachions down and this is exactly when disease sets in. So it is the Chakra System which controls the speed of the Tachions in the body.

Knowing all of this actually makes us Alchemists…

Tachions also work within the field of the aura which is the energy field around our bodies and this field is made up of elements of consciousness. The aura system is also controlled by the Chakra System.

When Tachions slow down 3rd dimensional matter is created and when Tachions speed up the higher planes (dimensions) of consciousness can be achieved.

What is the connection to The EC System?

Here is the interesting thing…the master control structure for this entire Chakra System can be found in the Endocrine System our hormone system.
Each of the 7 main Chakras in side of our bodies is aligned to a ductless Endocrine Gland.

Through the consciousness of the Cannabis plant we now know that The EC System is responsible for the well-being of the Endocrine system and since The EC System controls hormone absorption it then also controls the Endocrine System.

So through this consciousness Cannabis and The EC System has a shared duty with Tachion Energy to maintain Homeostasis at every level of biological life, right from the sub-cellular to the organism, and as we are now discovering to the community and beyond. It’s a bold statement but ii believe that Cannabis can help us to harness free Tachion Energy through its link to the Endocrine and Chakra System.

When we consume Cannabis, there is a strong tendency for the chakras to open wider to accommodate the increased flow of energy created by the high vibration of the Cannabis plant and the frequency vibration of the Cannabis plant is very much part of its consciousness.

It is interesting that there is research available on the frequency vibration of many plants but not so much for the Cannabis plant but ii feel confident that if anyone had to use a tuning fork on this plant the frequency would be either 528 or 432 Hz the frequencies of love and harmony respectfully.

The reason why ii say this is because ii have had opportunity to bring music into my Cannabis gardens and ii choose to play Reggae vibrations which vibrates to the frequency vibration of 432 Hz and indeed the plants always pick up on this vibration and the harvest is abundant in all aspects. By international standards since 1953 most music we listen to is set to 440 Hz which is a harsh frequency and certainly there are many on-going studies about the benefits of tuning in to 432 Hz.

This pitch standard of 440 Hz has been proven to produce unhealthy effects and anti-social behavior in the consciousness of humans and this is why ii believe that this is a conspiracy like so many other babylon operations is to actually detune us from natural harmony.

The frequency of 432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe or the patterns of creation and this is because 432 Hz is the frequency of harmony.

The other interesting thing is that the 432 Hz frequency links with the 7 ray color spectrum while 440 Hz does not. So we need to understand the connection between our Chakras, the color spectrum as well as frequencies. For example if you wear green you will greatly contribute to the unblocking of your heart Chakra which vibrates to the color green. All of this is vital to our health and well-being. It is also interesting to note that in Rastafari the Tribe Naphtali owns the color green and the tribe function is LOVE.

Quite literally the consciousness of Cannabis improves the psychic connection from one person to another. So Cannabis consciously opens the Chakras and raises our vibration to increase psychic power and connectivity. This is exactly why ii believe that Cannabis can aid us in harvesting vital Tachion Energy.

What does all of this have to do with our blood?

The blood is our life force and ii believe that our blood contains our soul. In Leviticus 17 verse 11 we are told that “the life of every living creature is in the blood, and that is why the Lord has commanded that all blood be poured out onto the altar, to take away the people’s sins. Blood, which is life, takes away sins”.

Live-Blood research by German researchers Joerg Rinne and Peter Thomas looks at the effects of Tachionised water on live blood.


The blood is taken prior to any exposure to Tachionised products, as you can see there is clumping of red blood cells.


This is the same person’s blood but taken 45 minutes after the sublingual absorption of 15 drops of Tachionised water.

Already you can see an improvement and the red blood cells are singular and free in the plasma.


This is the same blood as photo 1. The difference here is that 8 hours have elapsed and the blood is now dead. Only cell fragments are recognisable.


This is the same blood as in Photo 2. After 8 hours you can see that the blood is still alive and the cells still have their cellular integrity.

This study of Tachion Energy in the blood proves the following:

Red blood cell clumping was reversed in 45 minutes. This confirmed the previous findings of Dr Gabriel Cousens which showed the exact same results in 10 out of 10 people.

Tachionised water maintained the life force of the blood for at least 8 hours in the same blood which had previously degenerated and decayed, losing its life force before the 8 hours.

Substantial life enhancing effects

Human blood life-force is the genuine gauge for the qualitative changes brought about by Tachion Energy.

There were zero side effects to the participants of this study.

“The implications once again support our theories that Tachion Energy unequivocally effects SOEF’s (Subtle Organising Energy Fields), thereby increasing their energy and ability to maintain neg-entropy and hence retain life-force and form observed as cellular integrity.”


Without Cannabis and Tachion Energy we cannot communicate with our Creator and holistic healing cannot take place so it is very important to establish this divine connection.

It is at Tachion level that the body must be healed in order for there to be balance in the body and to truly understand illness we need to understand the potential of Tachion Energy.

Tachion Energy heals by speeding up the process of cell regeneration and spiritual growth. The EC System is also responsible for neurogenesis in the development of new brain cells.

Both Cannabis and Tachion Energy has a consciousness of its own which means that it is not involved with the ego and also it cannot be affected by negativity so no matter what kind of negativity we produce in any form or thought it can never alter the healing potential of either.

So just like The EC System, the study of Tachion Energy continues to baffle scientists and students alike in the remarkable properties they display and in this case there are even some shared characteristics, the most important being Homeostasis and Perfection these two represent the main character and consciousness of The EC System and Tachion Energy Fields and this is where ii have found a link in terms of Self- Healing which as long as there is blood flowing through my vessels this is what ii wish to share.

To truly ‘discover’, isolate or harness Tachions we first need to meet their source in order to learn and understand the method and the mechanism of the creation.


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