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Is chest congestion normal?


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My wife has a Davinci Ascent which she just started using, she is new to this. She says when she uses it her chest feels congested, like when you start getting a cold. What is she doing wrong? Or is this normal.

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This is normal. The wife and I can only use the vapes (G-Pens/like) every third day or so. Her chest is congested. When we first starting vaping we thought it was great, until it felt like we were getting pneumonia. I have tried a high end Volcano and didn't have that experience. Maybe because the vap was collected in the bag? I know on the stealth vaps they only warranty the atomizers for 30 days and normally give you 2-3 extra's. The Volcano for example I believe the warranty is 5 yrs. My guess is the lower end anonymizers may not vaporize correctly, hence the excessive fluid. Not saying the Davinci Ascent is (I haven't used one).

We just use it like every third day or so and do not have the issue.


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Aside from the types of vapes and its temp, the kind of strain you vaped can is also a great factor. It plays a great role on your heart rate change. Anyway meditation is always a great strategy. Take deep breaths in and out. But don't worry, vaping is a healthy way of enjoying medical marijuana.
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