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Is doubling wattage from 600w to 1200w for flower a good idea?


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I'm currently running a 600w (equivalent) LED grow light in my 4'x4' tent. They're growing great but it's a relatively small light and probably only gets good light concentration to about 2'x2' of the canopy from a height of 24". I was thinking about buying another 600w light to get full canopy coverage during flowering phase. Is that too much of a jump?

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It all depends on your ppfd numbers. If you have those we can help a bit more. I personally go from a 300w (160w draw) veg/cone room to a 600w metal halide flower room, then move to a finish room with 2 600w (300w draw) LEDs. All in 3x3x5 tents except the veg/clone room. That's a 3x4x4 closet.
But wattage is mostly irrelevant. Ppfd values is what you need.


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If your environment can sustain it then adding more light is almost always a good idea. The only caveat to that is some lights are so strong they can bleach your plants, but I do not believe you're near that level with 600W "equivalent" LED lights. Water melon is right about paying more attention to par, but I've seen people putting 3 Mars 300 W LEDs in one 4x4, so as long as you can cool the added heat and have adequate ventilation it's never going to be "too much light", just maybe too much heat. What are you cooling with? I'm guessing it's probably like 300 actual watts, so it could add more heat to the equation if you're using something like a window-rattler a/c.


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Like others have said ppfd it's the most important factor. If you can get a meter to really see what that light is doing you might be alright. What you would probably find out is just how much it falls off of its sweet spot and you'll want more than just one light go get even over the whole canopy. If you do just put in a second light I would raise them for a few days and start lowering them a few inches every few days and watch how the plants react to them
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