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Is it enough!?


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It should be.. Figure you want about 40 watts per square foot to be on the safe side


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You can get a cord that hooks your phone to your PC, transfer and then upload. You could E-mail the pics to yourself or... if your phone allows it and you have a card reader on your PC... you could just put the pics on the card and then into the reader on your PC... hope that helps some!

well what? and does anyone know how to post pics from a phone, or do i have to do this on my phone?


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is my 150w enuff for a 1.5'x1.5'? i have 5 seedling started hoping for 1 momma.

hps. cardboard box. sorry

That's 2¼ square feet, a decent 150-watt HPS setup will produce around 16,000 lumen so ~7111 lumen per square foot. That's enough gross light. Penetration of a 150-watt HPS is limited - but better than a comparable CFL - so you won't want to be growing "trees," but there's no reason that you cannot support a mother with it (I've kept mother plants alive for long periods of time with less than half that wattage worth of fluorescents in an aluminum trash can and have kept several plants "in stasis" in drinks cups in a bathroom near the CFL light. Kept one alive over a year that way just to see if I could (note that "in stasis" means they stayed very small, but there were opportunities to pull cuttings... now and then)).

There's no reason that you couldn't grow, flower, and harvest under a light that size although your yield will be small. At least one member had surprisingly good results.

Bear in mind that the reflector and general setup is always important - and that it's much more important with lower wattage/output setups. 16,000 lumen is the gross output of the bulb in a 360° pattern around the bulb, and that ~½ of that light will be broadcast to the side and upwards. You want to be able to utilize as much of that light as possible by directing it down towards your plants. You also want to keep it as close to the plants as its heat allows, and to train (scrog would work great, so would LST) your plants so that the canopy is level.

Here you go:
150W HPS - 18 pics - 9 weeks flower
Seems like I read in another thread that he harvested 3oz. of decent quality bud from it. And that due to the lesser penetration, only the top eight inches got "really good light." But I could envision a mini-scrog with a screen full of eight inch buds which would make that somewhat of a non-issue, lol.
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