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Is it okay for me to prune?

George Mc

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Is it okay to prune the girls? The plants are about 7 weeks old and they are two weeks into 12 / 12.



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I don't see a lot of trimming needed there but yes it's totally ok to trim. In early flowering I usually remove the lower branches, and the small inner budsites that won't produce much and just make things more crowded. Usually by three weeks in is a good time to go over the plants and tidy up a bit. Some strains are more of a chore this way than others and need a lot of trimming. Yours look pretty painless
I'd get some blocks of some kind and raise that small one up to the level of the rest, if you don't do that already. :thumb:


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Selective defoliation of the lower leaves that are blocking light is a good idea. At this stage you should not be topping your plants or you will whack off your main flower colas. I often remove leaves to open up the center of my plants to get light down below.
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