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Is it too small to clone?

Hello my friends..

Its been a long time i didn't post a thing..
This is because i had no internet in Aleppo,Syria..

Anyway i'm back.. and i'm planting 10 cannabis plants..
So far so good.. and i decided to make some clones.

But i don't know if it's too early, or i have to wait for the branch to grow more.. i will upload a photo of the branch.

Oh right.. i don't have a rooting gel .. everything was available before the war.. but now it is really hard to get that kind of stuff.. so, can i use honey as rooting gel ??

No, i can't buy anything online because of the Economic sanctions on Syria..
Thank you very much :love:




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To chime in I would say wait until you have 3 nodes, cut under the 3rd at a 45 and if you don't pick up a rooting solution Powder or gel from your local OSH or AcE,etc... I would just use clean water and zip lock it for a few days in rockwool.


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I would have no issues cloning the bigger plant in your picture, though the rest I would hold off on for a week or so till they are around the size of your bigger plant. Personally I let mine get slightly bigger then your largest plant but that is just me, though I have had great success with plants that size as well.

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