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Is it true??


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is it true that smkoking cannabis reduces your sperm count?

i really will have to give up if so as i really want children when i grow up so dont want to blow my chances.

also if it does how much would 6 months on the stuff affect em?

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This is what a sperm bank has to say.

Marijuana Facts about Male Fertility
Men who use marijuana often ask:

# Does marijuana use affect my sperm count?
# How much must I smoke before it affects me?

Answers may not be as specific as recreational marijuana users would like. However, it is clearly documented by laboratory studies that THC in cannabis sativa, more commonly known as pot or marijuana, does have an adverse affect upon male fertility.

It has been scientifically shown that marijuana use can impair male fertility. Studies conducted in rats have concluded that marijuana causes decreased sperm production (spermatogenesis), decreased number of developing germ cells and decreased number of Leydig cells in the testis (cells responsible for testosterone secretion).

A recent study, conducted at the University of Buffalo in New York in 1998, reports that marijuana affects sperm function by compromising its ability to get to and fertilize the egg. The study attributes the cause to cannabinoids (compounds found in marijuana). These cannabinoids are similar to natural body substances called anandamides. University scientists believe that anandamides function in helping sperm get to and fertilize the egg. It is believed that marijuana cannabinoids are chemically similar to anandamides. Receptors meant to respond to anadamines may also respond to cannabinoids. By responding to the wrong body substance successful fertilizing of the egg may not occur.

Aside from legal consequences, clearly male fertility and sperm count are affected by marijuana use.
Men concerned about their fertility should abstain from marijuana use.

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Erowid says this.

Doesn't heavy marijuana use lower the sperm count in males?
Not by much, (if at all) and this can be a good thing. It does not make you impotent or sterile. (If it did -- there would be no Rastafarians left!) Give those testicles a rest, already! Marijuana is certainly _not_ birth control, please don't let your lover tell you it is.

Many people think that marijuana enhances their sex lives. It is not an aphrodisiac, that is, it does not make people want to have sex. What it does do for some people is make everything more sensual -- it makes food taste better and feelings and emotions more vivid.


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Thanks moose! think i should be cutting down anyways now. Probs just a quarter or even an eight once a month dont think would do anything, well i hope so. thanks for the advice though.


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My brother who is now 38 has smoked mj on a regular basis since the age of 18 or so and has smoked since the age of 13. He has three children. I agree that tests that are done by the 'experts' are a good indication of what can happen BUT surely as in my example other factors must be taken into consideration as there are many things that can affect your sperm count including your diet and not all people would be adversley affected by mj. This is only my opinion as I am no scientist and have conducted no trials of my own.


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I've read that at places too. I'm pretty sure that it would just be temporary though if there were any adverse reactions at all.


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