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Hey guys. Need a little help here. Started my first grow a couple weeks ago. I was having temp problems early on during the seedling phase which I think stunted their growth. Got my temps dialed in now. What I'm wondering is is it worth it to grow them till harvest or should I quit here and start a new grow. I already have a few seedling just in case. P.S. Its been 24 days since seed popped out of soil. Here's a couple pics of then. A few when were when they were solo cups and a few of them now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks



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I see absolutely no reason to abandon this grow... That would be silly. These plants are fine. How many weeks from germination are they?
I can't tell the health due to the blurple lighting. Take some photos in regular lighting and answer a few questions and I'm sure we can help you out.
What light do you have?
How high is the light from the plants?
What is your PH going in?
What kind of growing medium is that?
What nutes are you using?
What have your temperatures been at lately?
How often have you been watering and how do you determine when you need to water?


Lighting:Bloomspect 600w
Light distance:24"
Growing medium:FFOF
Nutes: none just plain water
Temps: 80-83f lights on and 77-80 lights off
Been watering 2-3 days based on the weight of the pot


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Well it sounds like your doing everything right. If you get a chance put up a photo or two in natural lighting so we can actually see if you are experiencing any deficiencies. Your doing fine unless the clear photos reveal something else.


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My gut is telling me that you gave them too much light too early.
As seedlings or baby clones they are very delicate and need to develop a good root system to support the foliage/drink lots. 18/6 should be fine, but you might want to raise the light a few inches to reduce the strength of the effective light.

I don't hit mine with full light until they are out of cups and have at least a few nodes grown.

they look developed enough by now to come out of it, but you can see that they are/were struggling.

dont abandon, they will adapt.
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