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Is Monsanto's Roundup Our New DDT Disaster?


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I just read a article that states glyophosphate (active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup product) was found in most of the oat-based foods that were tested. And I'm talking about the kind of products that you feed your kids every morning. Cereal. Granola.

Monsanto (of course) denies that this is a problem. Because, one assumes, it would have to stop selling it, otherwise.

Is this just mere FUD? I seriously doubt it - and at least one person has successfully sued the company after claiming his terminal cancer was caused by glyophosphate. But I'll leave that up to the individual to decide. Here are some links about it:
Weed-killing chemical linked to cancer found in some children's breakfast foods
Breakfast With a Dose of Roundup?
Study finds glyphosate in most oat food products

Blew Hiller

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I could rant a long time on this and many other food related issues, but imo future generations will look back at this window of time (industrialized farming and food production/processing) and just shake their heads in wonder. There is a clear connection between failing population health and nutrition. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and sick people = big business, so there is little impetus from the controlling class to fix the problem.

Bayer was quick to kill the Monsanto name...wonder how liable they are moving forward with cases like the most recent $239M award?
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