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is my fan not strong enough?


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I can't remember the spec of the fan, it is a 6" inline fan, but when it is 68f outside, the tent is 82f with the 600w hps on, thats with passive intake vented from outside, and strangely the air blowing out the ducting is barely even warm, most heat are cooled off already by the time it hits the end of the ducting with is about 8m long, I closed up the tent with myself inside the tent, very little airflow through the intake, it is very cool air but very slow, tent is 2m x 2m x 2m so it is not that the space is too small for it to heat up that much really, fan is meant to be 420 m3/hour, but I don't think it is really, air coming out the ducting is very gentle

I'm going to get a new fan in the morning if it is the case, below is the spec of the fan I'm looking to buy

TT Mixed Flow Fans with speed and temp control
Built-in speed control knob
Built-in temperature control knob
4m long temperature probe
Fan temp control can be used to reduce airflow fan speed to minimum during the night
150mm 6" dia - 552 m3/hour
44 dB

should this be good enough to keep my tent at 75f with outside vent for passive intake?


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just to add another note, even when it is 51f outside temp, it still doesn't drop the tent temp any lower than 82f at canopy, bulb is in cooltube around 24 inches away from canopy, and I have seen as high as 85f in veg with outside temp at 60f

the setup is filter -> cooltube -> fan -> outside, with outside vented passive intake


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tent is 2m x 2m x 2m, no leaks as the tents walls sucks i n slightly when fan is on, but used to be more noticeable, I think the fan is losing strength, I'm going to buy this other fan with temp control with max 552 m3/h i calculated that i need around 460 or something in that area to move air every minute in the tent, so this one should be strong enough, if not I use the 2 of them


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Thanks Ricorico

I have the new one ordered earlier and it has been shipped so hopefully I have is soon :) for now I have to keep my tent wide open when light comes on, its not very nice having to get up early to close up the tent before light goes off, since I have no reason to be up that early other than just zip it up :) but has to be done since the light is now in 12/12 and pre-flowering already


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forgot the pics,new fan mounted with temp set to just under 24c around 74f to 75f lowest

light off is kept around 71f, perfect temp :) very happy with this fan

here they are 5 days in 12\12


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