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is my saliva okay?


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Okay i dnt know if im posting right its my first time here and first blog. I had an interview tuesday 6/16/15 i knew i had the job i just had to pass a drug screen so anyways i did the interview went back to my other job then when i got off work i smoked a small bowl of some reggie prior to that i think i didnt smoke for a couple days like (2) bcuz i could t find any... but i thought i was gonna ha e a urine test so i bought a quickfix fake pee well the next day i found out from 2 other employees that work at the new job that its a saliva test that gets sent off to a lab so i kinda got a little nervous. ..well i was freakin the fuck out bcuz my regional actually got me the interview with the new company bcuz him and the branch manager of the new company have been friends for like 25+ years.. anyways i smoked tuesday around 5-6pm a small bowl cpl hits and hadnt smoked a couple days prior my saliva test was monday 6/22/15 @ 7am and i knew it was gonna be an in an out process but i ha vent smoked since tuesday 5-6pm and i brushed like crazy cheecks tounge teeth gums the whole nine yards. Used mouthwash like crazy multiple times a day (listerine) from thursday to monday 7am also used peroxide multiple times all day sunday and i bought a 2oz bottle of stingers detox mouthwash. Used cinnamon altoids on the way to my drugtest. The morning of my test i woke up brushed my teeth gums tongue almost everywhere then rinsed with water then gargled peroxide spit it out then gargled listerine spit then listerine again. I then smoke a cig took a shower got ready and b4 i left i did the same process again. I stop by kroger bought the altoids put 6 in my mouth 3 on each check let them dissolve some then put ithem on my gum lines and fuck did they take my breath away. Well i brushed my teeth and did the.peroxide and listerine in the parking lot with a bottle of water b4 the peroxide and listerine. Then waiting at the redlight b4 pullin in the parking lot i took a shot of listerine about 6:50am. Then once i got into the parking lot it was about 6:56 so i did the little sips of stinger did ssome swishing and swallowed did that about 3-4 times and it was all gone by then it was 7am and my mouth felt amazing after all that so i felt good about headin in. I seen the guy that was giving me my test and we went straight to his office aabt uhh id say 10 minutes later he pulled the saliva test out. It was new to me i had taken 2 other test b4 1 was a big ball i had to soak and it was sent off to a lab but then i did t smoke for 2 weeks b4 that test and the other was results on the spot and i hadnt smoke for months but this test was new it went (under) my tongue the only place i didnt brush.... so im a little nervous but long summary short from tuesday 6pm to monday 7am i didnt smoke anything i used peroxide listerine multiple times brushed everything real good and even used a detox mouthwas and i guess that detox is good from 1-45 mins of use and i got the swab 10 mins after use. Im just freakin out a little bit im 5'10 185 lbs some body fat im no arnold... and i stick with bowls 3-4 times a day usually reggie... if anyone can offer a positive opinion it would be greAtly appreciated if u think ill be fine and again sorry for this bein so long. I also ate a steak egg n cheese bagel and a hashbrown from mcdonalds too
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