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Is she almost ready?


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I'm having a hard time seeing clearly with my loupe, think it may have to do with that I'm needing reading glasses and can't keep my hand still enough ;)

Today I made a stand for my digital microscope and got some clearer pictures. Finally seeing a couple of amber tricomes ;). But also a fair amount of clear I believe.

Thoughts? I figure I'm a few days away? I want to try the 36-48 hours of darkness and trying to judge when I should put her in the dark.


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You are definitely in the harvest window. They look mostly milky to me. I’d say you’re at peak thc right now. The trichomes will mature some more during a darkness period and during the drying process. It’s up to you at this point. Are you looking for a heady upper type high or more relaxing body type high?
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