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Is there a list anywhere.


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of all the movies that contain pot smoking scenes? I figure there might be someone out there crazy enough to take the time to compile such a list.Thanks!


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Re: Is there a list anywhere..

A few movies I know of that are missing from the Wikipedia "List of drug films":

Jackie Brown - Bridget Fonda plays this stoner/surfer girl who spends well over half the movie smoking out Robert De Niro. Kinda odd that it's missing, since Quentin Tarantino directed it (and usually no internet list misses a chance to mention Tarantino films)

Salvador - James Woods play a Hunter-S-Thompson-esque journalist (with a Doctor Gonzo-like sidekick in Jim Belushi) in an early Oliver Stone film about the civil war in Salvador. It got a couple Oscar nominations, and is a great movie, very political though. According to the former ambassador to Salvador, it's pretty accurate too.

Bulworth - Not a huge pot film, but a some very funny drug-related humor. It's very political, and probably only enjoyable if you're liberal.

Annie Hall - Like "Bulworth", there's not a lot of pot scenes, but there are a few key scenes which revolve around it.

Serpico - Very funny scene where Al Pacino tries marijuana while working as a cop. If you're not a fan of the police, see this movie.

and while not a movie, the British TV series "Spaced" had a lot of hilarious pot smoking scenes. If you liked "Shawn of the Dead", you'll love "Spaced" (it features the same actors, writers, and director).
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