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Is there a way to just scroll & search the pictures on a thread?


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Hi, quick question.

Is there a way to scroll through/search all pictures posted in a thread? Or by a user in a thread? Just to make scrolling through some of the bigger threads to find something easier?

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Unless you have a keyword to identify the post I haven't found one.
You can 'Search Media' and leave the search term blank, entering only the member's name.
If you know the stage of growth, you can estimate the date, and scroll through the pages to find it.
I started indexing my journals after harvest to make key posts easier to find. The first post is modified by the administrators, linking to the index. Check out the Multi-Strain Seed Run from my signature to see you I implemented this.


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Thanks for the info! I'll give the media search a shot. Great job on the indexing idea! Very organized. Gonna take some time to look through your guide now, lots of good info in there!
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